2 offbeat Passion Plays - has anyone seen these?

First is The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, ARK (http://www.greatpassionplay.com) - not too offbeat
except that it was started by the nativist racist anti-Semitic
preacher/political activist Gerald L.K. Smith. The actors
apparently goes through the motions while the dialogue
is pre-recorded & is not sanitized to downplay the Jewish
hostility to Christ.

Then on the other hand is the “I AM” COME Pageant at
Mt. Shasta, CA (http://www.saintgermainfoundation.org/pageant.htm)
which is the life of Jesus as presented by the Saint Germain Foundation-
VERY New Agey and Theosophical.

Has anyone seen either of these? And what did you think?

I saw the one in Eureka Springs in the mid 1980s when I was still a believer. Even then I thought it was cheesier than Elvis’s colon. The main things I remember were

1- the musical soundtrack that played NON-STOP simultaneous with the

2- dialogue soundtrack (the actors lip-synched rather than recited their lines, and the priests of course had far better Ming the Merciless laughs than the new Ming the Merciless)

3- the Jesus Christ as a Milkbox statue

4- the attempt to recreate ancient Jerusalem… in the Ozarks. The Ozarks are after practically the twin of Jerusalem.

At the time I was writing a Passion Play to be produced in a new multimillion dollar amphitheatre planned for my family pasture (the amazing thing: it almost came to fruition) and used it as a “What NOT to do”.

PS- I think some fireworks or apostles throwing beads would majorly liven up this Via Delarosa recreation at the Holy Land theme park in Orlando. (Warning: unattended children may be picked up by Charles Manson).

Just the pics of that statue are horrid. WHAT aesthetic sensibility came up with THAT?

Was there any aspect of the GPP that actually was well done?

Still curious to hear any reports of the St.G folk’s I AM COME pageant. (Thinking of opening up a IMHO inquiry if anyone had any experiences with any Ballard/I AM/St.G groups- the most infamous of which is Elizabeth Clare Prophet’s Church Universal & Triumphant.)