2 Pitbulls rescue woman from Chow

2 Pitbulls rescue woman from Chow

See not all pitbulls are bad.

Good doggies!

Obviously, it was a setup by the Pit Bull Anti-Defamation League.

Them doggies is tricky, I tells ya.


“We need a bigger fence.”

And just this past week I was told a man got his ear bitten off by a stray pit bull down by the Waterfront park area.

I don’t think banning them is a good idea, because they can be wonderful pets, but I can understand why people are so scared. In this area, everyone seems to have pitbulls or German Shepherds, the latter also being a breed that can get aggressive when it feels threatened. Perhaps some sort of licensing, or mandatory obedience training, etc for these breeds is a better option. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners, right? And frankly, I’ve known more aggressive Chihuahuas and terriers than aggressive pitbulls/Shepherds/Dobermans but no one’s trying to ban them because they are lucky enough to be smaller.

Meh, I don’t have any answers. My question is, where did the two pit bulls in that story come from?

The story seems to imply they were a neighbor’s dogs, surely they would have said “rescued by her own dogs” somewhere if they were her pets? (Even if the headlines would still be the same.) I wonder if she’d fed them while their owners were on vacation, or maybe walked them or given them treats? Lesson: “It pays to be kind to your neighborhood pit bulls!” :wink: