2 questions about American History X

  1. Why was Derek Vinyard raped in the prison shower?
  2. What did DOC stand for that people had it tattooed on them?

Derek was raped because he tried to stand up against his fellow skinheads in prison dealing drugs to each other, which is something he considered fit for the “lesser” races only.

Are you sure it was DOC and not ZOG?

DOC - Department Of Corrections? Just a guess, I haven’t seen the movie in awhile. He got raped though because he didn’t agree with his “brothers” dealing drugs with the other races.

I just watched it the other day, and I can’t find the meaning of DOC in there either. Dang it.

As for the rape, yes, it was done as a punishment for his public dissing of his gang, and to try to bring him back in line. As that tactic had failed, his next encounter would have led to his death.

Obviously it failed. Vinyard would have been dead, had not his friend in the laundry saved his ass… no pun intended.

Might DOC stand for “Disciples of Cameron”? Just an afterthought… …

According to the early draft of the script -

Disciples of Christ. The D.O.C….Kind of a subdivision of the Fourth Reich Skinheads North

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