2 Russian planes lost, could be terrorism.

One plane raised the hijack alarm though.

Yeah, you have to be a brave soul to get on one of those Tupelovs (sp?)

I assumed that BJMoose was making a tongue in cheek comment about how this thread had already been hijacked. Perhaps it was I who was whooshed.

Upon re-reading, I think BJMoose made a tongue in cheek comment about how the OP could have gone either way with the thread title and it turned out to be the latter.

No, Damnit! Haven’t you been paying attention?

In this sort of situation, you invade a country that’s far away! Got it?

For the Russians, I’m guessing Venezuela.

Ashtar wins. Given my interest in aviation (necessary when one lives with a flying squirrel for fourty-five years), I was a bit disappointed that the thread had strayed from the topic so far and so fast.

If it helps, when I saw Jeff’s thoughtfully-provided link, I thought “Figures - someone undercuts my snark by finding a legit thread somewhere!”

And you’ll definitely be happy to know that I whooshed myself in this august forum just last week.

Anything new going on? I haven’t heard squat.

I don’t think there really was a topic to begin with. :slight_smile:

Yes, the Chechens have denied responsibility.

And we all know they’re not shy about claiming responsibility.

Awww, aren’t you just so cute!?! Uh, how did that whole terrorism knee-jerk reaction turn out? Or as Dr. Phil would say: “How’s that theory working out for ya?”

Can’t argue with that. I still can’t figure out why this thread was in the Pit, unless someone was expecting a scintillating discussion of Russian maintenance procedures.

Sometimes the best maintenance in the world won’t help. It’s looking like Chechans afterall.

A group calling itself the Islambouli Brigades as claimed responsibility on a radical Muslim website. They say they did it on behalf of their Chechan comrades.

It was obviously Bin Laden.

Two planes almost simultaneous… smells like Al Qaeda style… but I doubt it.

Chechen separatists for sure did it… as for Putin I agree that he is the most dangerous thing for Russian “democracy”.

What’s this “al qaeda style” crap I’m always hearing about? Explosions and people dying are lowest common denominators of every single fucking terrorist attack known to man.

Please, stop insulting our intelligence.

Also I saw that it may have been “AQ linked” Chechen terrorists. AQ is not fucking CHAOS, it’s a few hundred guys that hang out in caves for christ’s sake.


BBC News says the explosive was hexogen, used in earlier apartment building bombings by Chechen separatists. Don’t know how common this stuff is, though, so couldn’t say what it means that it was used. The article also says the “Islambouli Brigades” have claimed responsibility, but it doesn’t say who they are or where they come from.

They’re a spin-off group from the “Woulibouli Army”, who were notoriously L-7 back in the 60s.

Apologies to GaWd. I heard on CBS radio news that apparently one of the planes tested positive for explosives. Damn, knee-jerk me. :smack: