2 Russian planes lost, could be terrorism.

My bet is that its Chechen Seperatists.


Uhm… Fuck? :confused:

I’d be worried about another round of anti terrorism laws and Putin tightening his grip on the Duma and the state as a whole, very worried.

Yeah, God forbid we’d be worried about actual terrorists.

Duffer, do you know anything about Russo-Chechen relations, or are you just knee-jerking to the word “terrorist.”

Anyone who follows Russia is aware that Putin’s anti-democratic posturing and impulses, not terrorism, are the real threat to the future of the Russian Federation.

Yes because it’ll naturally have to be the one or the other. Can’t have both at the same time.

But wait! Aren’t you knee-jerking a bit there with the Chechen? Lets not jump to conclusions, when it could just as well be fundamentalist Amish terrorists (Amishofascists) or Icelandic insurgents.

Rune, I didn’t know you and Duffer were related. I suppose I should have seen the resemblance with both of your heads in your asses, though. My mistake.


GaWd I didn’t know you and spectrum were related. I suppose I should have seen the resemblance with both of your heads up each other asses, though. My mistake.


Yes, most people are shocked to find that out. :wink:

Hell, I’m shocked to find that out!

Now if we could just agree to stick our heads up each other asses, then we could all be one big happy family. sniff sniff …what a beautiful thought. sniff sniff

Not that it has anything to do with the topic (family relations) but you know the cold war is over when Pravda publishes a story titled: “Porn makes you happy.” … and speculates whether it should be mandatory.

Am not whining about that, but it troubles me that there is no worthy opposition to Putin mix that with his Presidential powers and we’re in for trouble.

Quick! Invade a nearby country!

Well it happened here. I’m not afraid of any terrorists, but I’m very afraid of how this country has responded to the crisis.

Pardon my intrusion, but could someone direct me to the thread about two Russian planes crashing?

Thank you.

MPSIMS thread for Mr. Moose.


I’m betting on shitty maintenance and coincidence.

Um, :confused: what whoosh?