Russian Siege video.
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I’ve just watched the footage on the news and although it isn’t graphic, it is distressing to think that those people are mostly all dead now. One thing the video does confirm though, is that there wasn’t any way this was ever going to end without a massive death toll.

Broadband video news from the BBC is only available to international users by subscription.

That’s what I got when I did the linkage. So, I read the article.

Yeah, terrorism is a disease. It just isn’t normal, I don’t care what “cause” anyone is doing it for.

Fortunatly, the video didn’t play on my computer and I didn’t have to see it.

I had seen it on TV (Newsnight). I noticed it was the lead story on and posted the link. I expect you’ll see it on your country’s News anytime soon. If you can bring yourself to watch it that is. I saw it without prior warning.

Just saw it on the NBC national news show. Snippits, anyways. Those kids… they were hot, scared, had just seen teachers shot, were watching their murder tools being built before their eyes. They endured Hell before death, for no reason. NONE! Did you see the interview with the two btothers that survived? Chilling.

Forgive me if this offends anyone, but terrorists desreve no mercy. None at all. I would vote whole souled for execution of any proven terrorists. Trouble is, many of today’s terrorists won’t ever be caught, because their missions (what a word) are suicides from the start. This is truly a sick world we live in. No matter what good stuff happens to any of us, if someone else dies or is maimed because of these demonic animals, than there is no true joy anywhere. Fatalistic? Yeah, maybe. But that’s the world we’re inheriting.

Russia, unlike politically-correct America, isn’t afraid of offending Muslims in their anti-terrorist policy. You can bet that thousands of Chechen Muslim terrorists will be eliminated by the Russians, and the Russian media won’t make a month-long circus over any “prisoner abuse scandal” besides. We should take a page from their playbook.

We have to show the terrorists that they will be handed justice according to the law of the state it has carried the atrocity out. Its to provide an example of how civilised and superior we are than any form of mob justice.

If we treat them like shit how are we any better? We have to show them there is a line and a difference between us. A civilised one. Thats how we’ll defeat the Islamists.

Just HOW does one go about figuring out which “thousands of Chechen Muslim’s” are terrorist, and which thousands are not? Would you merely deny them due process, or just shoot them because they are suspected of being terrorist?

And, if the media in Russia hasn’t yet found a way to be independent of the state, then it’s a loss for the Russian people.

I’ll bet you’d be a hit in Stalinist Russia. :mad:

I wonder why they actually record this shit at all? I’ve heard it mentioned such videos and pictures, like the beheadings and other terrorist recordings, are edited into some sort of jihad recruitment videos and distributed throughout the Middle East. It just seems so against all logical thought to parade own depths of depravity to the whole world. But perhaps they don’t see it as depravity but pious acts? They would have to else how could they live with themselves? It seems all people who do these kind of thing have this trait in common. The Nazis executioners were often captured with such pictures showing barbaric acts of murder, often with themselves posing in front. They liked to swap such pictures like children swapping Pokemon cards (and I’ve heard Palestinian children swapping cards of suicide bombers). I imagine the most awful fetched the highest price. Maybe it’s like the fetish killers that like to take small bits of clothing or other things from their victims to keep as reminders, and fawn over later? I just don’t understand. It all seem so sick sick sick.

Neither do I

…and then there’s these familiar pictures


Ya. That’s about tje same as seizing a school and executing children. :rolleyes:

How about this picture? That’s a bit more equivalent.

My beloved wife said the exact same thing. The fact that they were innocent children puts this on a scale similar to 9/11.

Our thoughts and her prayers go out to our Russian friends.

What a great analogy. :rolleyes:

The analogy was in response to Rune’s post.
I don’t understand the desire to record depravity. I consider the behavior at abu Ghraib depraved too. Whether it’s on the same scale as 11/Sept*. or Nazi death camp pictures or beheading videos is a matter of opinion I guess. I can’t seem to get my brain around any of them and so they become one and the same to me in the sense of depraved behaviour that someone feels the need to record.

…and to follow that train of thought perhaps we should include Oklahoma City* in the list.

(*only on the list because the actions are incomprehensible to me, not because anyone took pictures with pride.)

Obviously so, now that I read the whole thread. My bad, and I apologize.

Don’t you mean “terrorists” or “extremists”?

Oh, that’s right, I forgot. The real enemy is America. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: …

Oh, forget it. There aren’t enough rolleyes in the universe to express the loathing and contempt I feel right now.

Once again, my post was in response to Rune who said

The analogy was in regard to taking pictures. :rolleyes:

The real enemy is the kind of minds that are able to conceive doing things like this. Nationality doesn’t seem to make much difference.