2 smoke detectors + 0 batteries = 3 dead kids.

And had you spent your afternoon with that family you wouldn’t still be sitting in front of your computer.

Please check your smoke detectors.


Good advice, but is there a link to the tragedy that you’re referring to?
Batteries on sale at K-Mart for $4.29. A good investment IMO.

I was hoping no one would ask me that.

I volunteer for the Red Cross and our casework is confidential. A link would violate the familiy’s privacy.

It was just so sad, and so easily preventable. The family is such a wreck right now. :frowning:

Thank you, chique. Given the death toll in the US every year, apparently the news isn’t reaching enough ears. I’d believe that the incident of reference was reported in a local newspaper. A link to a public source would not violate ARC regulations.

Please, people-contact your local fire company, be it paid or volunteer, and ask about smoke detectors. I’ve personally contacted managers at local stores and received donations of smoke detectors that my volunteer fire company distributes free of charge. In the Philadelphia area, WPVI Channel 6 promotes Operation Save A Life, along with corporate sponsors. I received 60 detectors this month which will continue to support the effort of my local department.

A couple of months ago I started a thread after a colleague of mine lost her husband and infant son in a house fire. Have a look here. The whole thing was a matter of minutes. So people, please check your fire alarms!


Please note that the news story states there was only one fire detector. They day of the fire the fire marshall told us the information I used as a thread title.

While your’re at it, check your sources of heat, too. :frowning:

Good message.

It’s very sad about that family though.

Also, if you have a fireplace, an attached garage, or if your heating system uses oil or gas, get a carbon monoxide detector.

Three Die From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Connecticut
Clogged Chimney Causes Carbon Monoxide Deaths

There’s an advert in the UK about smoke detectors. Ends with the man crying looking at his burned down house (kids and family were inside while he was out shopping).

Very very effective. Made me check our batteries.

This story does mention two smoke detectors without batteries.


I used to do computer work for the local fire brigade. Saw some pretty nasty pictures.

Fire kills. Smoke kills too.

Keep the batteries in your smoke alarms up to date. Always leave yourself an exit where you don’t have to fumble with a key - you may not have time! Remember that smoke rises, so the good air is near the ground.

In case of fire GET OUT