2 songs for the price of 1

I’m listening to the radio right now, and they just played Led Zeppelin’s “Heartbreaker” followed by “Living Loving Maid”. I am a huge Led Zeppelin fan, and I don’t mind it, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard one of these songs played on the radio alone without the other one. I live in Chicago, and I was just wondering if this is something that the radio stations around here do, or if it’s like that everywhere.

Same with Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions”. Has one of these songs ever been played without the other?

Are there any other song combinations like this that you know of?

It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever.

I think they’re rarely played apart because they were recorded that way, one right into the other. It’d be like hearing “Polythene Pam” without “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window.”

I’ve heard the two Zeppelin songs played seperately, but only when a station was doing a Zeppelin A_Z thing, playing the entire catalog in alphabetical order over a weekend.

Even the jock remarked that it was odd to hear it that way…

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Or how about Soft Cell’s versions of Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go? I’ve heard Tainted Love played without Where Did…, but never vice versa.

From Pink Floyd’s The Wall:
“Empty Spaces” and “Young Lust”.


NTG: I prefer the Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go combination. Tainted Love by itself just doesn’t seem “right” to me anymore…

For as long as I can remember, my local crap- er, hard rock station has always followed Journey’s “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’” by their “City of the Angels.” ALWAYS.

I’m so used to hearing “na na nana nana, nana nana na, na na nana na nana nana nana - CITY OF THE ANGELS!! CITY OF THE ANGE-E-ELLS!” … it’s rather disorienting to listen to the Greatest Hits CD and hear LTS followed by “Open Arms”.

::Hoping nobody makes fun of me for listening to Journey::

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Mitch Ryder’s “Devil with a Blue Dress/Good Golly Miss Molly.”

Paul McCartney’s “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey”

Fifth Dimension’s “Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine.”

It usually happens when one song segues into another so there’s no time to break them apart. In other cases, the group sings both songs as one. Examples include:

The Lettermen: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You/Going Out of My Head”

Jackson Browne: “The Load Out/Stay”

Beatles: “Sgt. Pepper/Little Help From My Friends”

Pink Floyd: “Brain Damage/Eclipse”

Spirit: “Prelude/Nothing to Hide”

And my own personal favorite song(s) in the whole wide world.

No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature - The Guess Who

Journey’s “Feeling That Way” and “Anytime” are always played together too (at least around here)

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Chris - I know exactly what you’re talking about (as I live in the same town as you). I have often wondered if those two songs are played together everywhere, or just here.

Any recording engineers on the SDMB? Do cassette tapes use an inaudible signal to indicate the gap between tracks, or is it just a blank section (which could be missed due to the quick transition between songs).

I’m willing to hazard the guess that radio stations play classics which originally followed each other without pause on cassette tapes the same way because people expect to hear them presented so.

When it’s played on the radio, which is pretty rare these days, the DJ usually follows Kiss’s “Detroit Rock City” with “King Of The Night Time World.” The two kinda overlap on ‘Destroyer’, so they usually just let it run, I guess…

ive never heard the led zep or the queen ones played separately

im a huge led zep fan too :slight_smile:

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boli: Wow, I didn’t know there were any other DesMoines-ians in here! Is it just me, or do you find KGGO’s pre-movie plugs hilarious?

(Big, booming voice: For the past twenty years, 95 KGGO has been playing Des Moines best rock-n-roll. And when you leave this theatre, they’ll still be playing the best rock-n-roll. 95 KGGO - Des Moines BEST rock-n-rolllll.)

I always say: For the past twenty years, 95 KGGO has been playing THE SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER AND OVER. And when you leave this theatre, they’ll still be playing THE SAME SHIT! 95 KGGO - Des Moines BEST example of washed-up rock-n-rollllll.

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Roachman, the master reel from which the vinyl, cassette and sometimes CD masters are created will have a brief section of leader tape in between tracks, so it is a blank section (although there will be some ambient noise on that section of the cassette).

In any case, it has nothing to do with how it sounded on the cassette tapes; those selections also have no groove separating them on the vinyl. The artists record them that way and intend for them to be pressed that way.

Interesting aside: The song snippet “Her Majesty,” on the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album, was originally intended to fit between “Mean Mr. Mustard” and “Polythene Pam.” The crashing sound you hear at the beginning is the last chord of “Mustard,” and the three notes at the end climbed into the first chord of “Pam.” They decided to scrap it, but the tape engineer, knowing the band liked to keep stuff, stuck it on the finished master after a few seconds of leader tape. Thus, it ended up on the album anyway.

In reference to the OP, my local station (WKQQ) always plays “Heartbreaker” and “Living Loving Maid” together, too. It always really confused me, because I had Zeppelin II on cassette, on which those songs aren’t even together. (I think “Thank You” is between them, but it’s been a while.) A few years later a friend had the CD, on which they were switched back to the right order. Made more sense then.

WKQQ also plays the ZZ Top songs “Waiting for the Bus” and “Jesus Just Left Chicago” together, too.

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Dr. J:

I’m still not used to Double Q being at 100.1. I mean, for 20 years it’s 98.1, then bang, one morning I wake up to Garth Tritt or some such. Jarring on the old nerves!

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