2 Weeks To Sculpt My Chest! What to do?!

Ok, I’m putting this in GQ because I suspect there are some factual answers to this question:

In two weeks I’ll be going to a pool party, followed by (hopefully) a summer full of swimming. I’m a pretty thin guy, and I’ve been working out at school for a while, but now thats done, so I dont have access to free gym. So, my chest is ok, but I wanna lose that extra flab and have a cut chest and stomach (my left side is lagging behind my right, since I’m a righty.) What exercises can I do to get this without machines? I’ve been doing sit-ups and push-ups. But I need more until I can get a replacement part for my bench, and a good set of weights (I do have a set of one-hand free weights, but they suck.)

Sit-ups suck…do crunches. See the flabby ab thread from last week for some good advice there. As for the chest, push-ups are great, as well as doing dips. But two weeks isn’t enough time. You need at least a month before you even begin to see any improvement, and that’s at hardcore, bloodpumping, overzealous, wrestlemania type workouts. A high protein diet also helps, if you can stand it.

Whats the difference between sit ups and cruches. What exactly are crunches?

Also, how can I catch up my left side to my right side? Doing uneven numbers of reps seems like it could be unhealthy.

My understanding is that sit ups you actually sit up entirely while crunches are you just crunch up a few inches and go back down.

a crunch is a sit up where you just go far enough up to put tension on all your abdominal muscles.

try this for push ups.
3 kitchen chairs one for your feet and one for each hand with enough space between them for you to lower your upper body below the lvl of the chairs.

more range of motion = more work out

and 2 weeks is enough to make a difference if you are young (under 25) and crazy enough to workout as often as possible. just dont work your chest every day and your abs you can hit each day but DO NOT strain your abs, you will regret every motion you make if you pull your stomach muscles.

dont know what else to say

RE pushups for chest:move your hands closer together (inside shoulder width) for more stress on pecs=more of a chest workout.The farther your hands are apart,the more your trapezius is working (not a bad thing,but isn’t specifically for pecs.
Try variations of your hand placement.eg,fingers pointing forward,fingers pointing inward.

You’ll be isolating different parts of your pecs.
Simple dynamic tension pump (before you take your shirt off at the pool) push with one hand against the other,starting from one side to the other with hands in front of your chest.Alternate push/resistance hands.

Do abt.10 reps-you’ll feel it if you’re pushing hard while resisting the push with the other hand (don’t resist too much,you want that push to go completely across your chest) working the entire pec surface.
Get a saline pec job to eliminate all work.:):slight_smile:

You also mention losing that extra flab, well, that’s only going to be taken care of by adjusting your diet and cardio.

Two weeks ?

May I suggest sculpting clay.