20 in the mp3 filenames?

When I download mp3s, the names of the files look like this:


Whats so special about 20?

Ah, the innocence of nontechnical youth.

Hexadecimal “20” = ASCII “Space”.

When spaces are put into file names, some programs interpret them as their hexadecimal equivalents. Usually these show up as “%20” when I download Word documents from our corporate file server.

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Errr… Given my background in electrical engg., I should have probably figured that out myself…
Anyway, thanks for condescending…

That’s 20 hexadecimal, which is 32 decimal, which is the ASCII code for a space.

Most operating systems, ones whose designers realize that pointing and clicking isn’t the only way to do things, don’t allow spaces in file names, because on a command line ‘words’ with spaces look like multiple words.

The HTML standard uses plain ASCII, but allows special characters to be written as a percent sign followed by the hex value of the character. Your browser (or operating system) seems to be displaying the underscore for the percent sign, instead of interpreting the sequence as a single character. If it doesn’t cause any problem, don’t worry about it. Maybe try renaming the file with spaces or underscores.

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I knew I shouldn’t have stopped to proofread that post!

Beat out again. :frowning:

Bob the Random Expert
“If we don’t have the answer, we’ll make one up.”

Sorry, I assumed electrical engineers don’t listen to Roxette.

Now that’s condecension.

“You can’t tell me what sucks!” - Beavis, a true Objectivist

Well, i listened to the songs and deleted all of them except joyride…do I qualify for the cool club of Electrical Engineers?
Or am I still short?

Generally you just have to quote filenames with spaces to use them on the command line. (I.e, in any of the Unix shells, AmigaOS, etc etc).

It’s still annoying enough that I generally rename everything like that to use an underscore instead of a space.

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Righto. The %20 thing is a part of the standard practice of “url encoding”. URLs cannot contain spaces. Usually what is happening is that the server is encoding the file name, but your client is neglecting to unencode it when it offers you the default filename to save as.

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As a aside, Veera, can you tell me where you found the Joyride mp3?