20 questions...

with a computer.

Well, either all the Dopers are overloading the server, or it’s a load of crap. I can’t get past about Question 7 before it dies and fails to find the server.

Nice idea, shitty execution.

I won. I was thinking ‘Wall Chart’ and it failed to guess.

I was thinking Computer Printer and it took 27 guesses. Then, it proceeded to chide me about how I answered 7 questions wrong. It thought I should have answered “No” when asked if it is a electro-mechanical device.

I was thinking of pillow and it won in 19 guesses, sort of freaked me out. NBIT33, it also said that I incorrectly answered 3 questions.

Computers have not got nice personalities, it seems.

I was thinking of the diamond in my ring. The computer took 28 guesses, and still didn’t get it quite right.
It got after me for answering questions wrong, but that was because I was lazy and when it finally said “diamond ring” I agreed.
I was thinking of the diamond itself.

I finally got it to work. It guessed “steam iron” in 19 attempts.

When i used a “battery charger” it took 27 tries and proceeded to tell me:

Well, i don’t work in an office, so i’ll concede i could be wrong on that score.

My own battery charger certainly weighs less than a pound (of anything, not just butter)

Mine is never found on my desk.

I don’t know too many people who have one. I only got mine when i bought my digital camera.

Anyway, fun game.

And this program is also prudish.

I thought of “semen,” and when it got to question 19 it asked:

Sounds like it was designed by my mother. :slight_smile:

Apparently, lego bricks are outside it’s knowledge base. It gave up. (unless I’m just horrible at answering questions)

What the %#@$ kind of cup has a hole in it??

I too thought of semen (before seeing your post). Here’s the feed back to two of my questions:

“Do most people use this daily? you said Maybe, I say No”
“Is it something you can purchase? you said Sometimes, I say No”

I say that program doesn’t get out enough. Perhaps we could put it on Gnutella to expand its worldview.

A chess board is probably a mammal? Is this the Bizarro World?

uhm, technically, a cup has a hole in the top.

*runs, ducks, covers

A dribble cup! :slight_smile:

Everybody’s a comedian. :wink:

It couldn’t guess priest, and it took 27 guesses to think of “computer game”.

Some real amazing software, that…

My beer bottle stumped it.

You were thinking of a kitty cat.
Does it have a bushy tail? you said Sometimes, I say No
Does it have a pointed snout? you said Sometimes, I say No
Is it a wild animal? you said Sometimes, I say No
Is it an omnivore? you said No, I say Yes
Is it commonly used? you said Irrelevant, I say Yes
Was it ever alive? you said Yes, I say Doubtful
My cat is alive, has a very bushy tail, used to be feral and is an obligate carnivore. He’s not very useful, though.

It took 27 questions to figure it out, too.

I tried battleship on it and it couldn’t guess it.

Of course, some of those questions are rather subjective.

“Could you have fun with it?” I said yes, it said no.

I don’t know about the computer, but I could think of some fun things to do with a battleship assuming I was given command and a license to do anything I wanted for a day.