2001 Dodge Durango Power Steering Hose-Why can I not find the right one?

About 3 years ago, I had a 2001 Dodge Durango. The power steering hose went bad on me. OK, got a new one. There are two connector nuts (??), one at each end, one connects to the PS fluid-well, and the other goes to the …I don’t know, rack and pinion?? At any rate, mechanics will know what it’s called.
The nut that connected the hose to the rack and pinion wasn’t the correct size. I took it back to Autozone, and they only had the same kind as the one on the new hose. I went to every store in town, AZ, Pep Boys, Oreilly’s, NAPA, and nobody had the correct one. They all had the incorrect one. I can’t even remember if I went to a Dodge dealer or not, but, before it came to that I went to a hose company and they fabricated one for me, using the old nut and a new hose. Around that time, I went to a used car parts place, and they had the correct one, but, by then, I didn’t need it.

My question: How come none of the auto stores had a hose with the correct attachment nut? Is that exclusive to the particular model? I remember that Porsche 924s had a 1977 1/2, as well as a 1977 and a 1978 year model, so, is the DD in the same boat?


They had the wrong hose listed in their system. It’s probably as simple as that. I’d guess that Dodge put the wrong part number in which is why everyone had the wrong part, but it’s not that common of a part so once the wrong number was in, it might have taken a few weeks before it was straightened out.

If you went back today and asked for it, you’d probably get the right one.

This is, of course, assuming that you weren’t making the mistake. That you were properly identifying your year/make/model/engine size etc. I don’t know about you, but in just about every parts store I go to, when they ask for the engine size if I hesitate for a second, they just check all of them and say ‘it’s the same, so it doesn’t matter’ or if I say, ‘I don’t know’ and it’s different, they’ll grab them both (or all of them) so we can compare.

But I’m going with the wrong part number in their computer. Probably from Dodge, but possible from an after market supplier. I’ve had it happen too. Luckily, I was able to figure out what the right part is and use that.

We really don’t have a way to know where the mistake was made or by whom. My best guess would be someone working for a company that is involved in manufacturing aftermarket parts, where they often have to “reverse engineer” things, got some data point mixed up. The parts stores get the info from the parts manufacturers. If you went to a Dodge dealer it’s a virtual certainty you would have gotten the right part.

This is something that happens every so often. Sometimes the right part can be found by looking at a different manufacturer or checking for a different model year. Sometimes it’s only available from a dealer.

This fall I replaced the pressure hose on my 1997 Dakota which probably uses all the same steering system. I got mine from Advance and it was correct. I suspect Joey P is right; someone at Chrysler published the wrong part number and everyone copied that on their computer database. All fixed now.

PS - Advance has online order coupon codes that can get you as much as 40% discount if you shop wisely. Walking in and having your order ready is nice too!

Maybe wrong part number, or maybe someone worked on it before and goobered it up and just stuck on what ever was handy.

Before we blame someone for inputting the wrong part number, you also need to understand that sometimes part suppliers change in the middle (or the end, or the beginning) of a production year. I had a similar issue with an oxygen sensor for my 1995 Eagle Talon, everybody had the wrong part. When I went to the dealer, they also tried to give me the wrong part. Eventually, I got them to pull up an exploded diagram of the exhaust which had a picture of the part, and it was correct (and had a different part number).

Basically, the answer is “shit happens”

Thanks, guys.

nonsense. what do Chrysler part numbers have to do with aftermarket parts at an independent auto parts store?

I see that you would probably want to specify 2WD or 4WD…
They are different.

However it may be that some builds had the one…
(4wd with the steering from 2wd, or 2wd with steering from 4wd … )
The guy at the factory may have installed the wrong parts … accident, or eg if shortage of lesser spec steering box, install higher spec…

Also, V8 5.9L “Z” 4wd versions changed hose between 2001 and 2002, and well the change does not occur at December 31…

If someone at Chrysler punched in the wrong part number, the aftermarket suppliers would send the wrong hoses to the stores since it would cross reference to a different part for them. I suggested that since the OP said all the stores (which probably all used different suppliers/brands) gave him the same wrong part.

yeah, but then the wrong parts would have been sent to the assembly plants, and CJD dealers would have incorrect service parts, and that would have been fixed in short order.

nm, rethinking what I was thinking

Why would assembly plants be getting parts for a 2001 Durango 3 years ago?