2001 Toyota Corolla CE Drl's....

hey everyone.
I’ve read on a few posts about disabeling drls on an 01 Corolla, cut pin 23. mine only goes from 1 - 14. just wondering if anyone has had any success with this? thanks


I’m going to try General Questions on this.

Ignoring the legal issues here (I’m not sure if any/all states require them). Why go through the trouble of cutting pins, just pull the sockets off the back of the bulbs and zip tie them into place so they don’t hang. Just remember to replace them before you sell the car.

Can I ask WHY you want to disable them. It’s not like they’re bothering you.

There should be a fuse labeled “DRL” in the fuse panel. It could be the one in the cabin, or the one under the hood. But pulling this fuse will disable the Daytime Running Lights.

That’s an even better idea.

My past experience with fuses (not in this particular car, though) is that each fuse controls some seemingly-arbitrary combination of several things. So pulling the relevant fuse might disable something else too, if only you could figure out what. ETA: Maybe more modern cars are more logical about it?

For example, in another car I had some years ago, a fuse blew. This killed certain lamps on the dashboard, but also the tail lights. I discovered this one fine [del]day[/del] night when a cop pulled me over and advised me that my tail lights were out. (Nice cop. Who’da imagined it? He strongly urged me to get it fixed real fast, but didn’t write me up for it.)

ETA: Still, OP, what Joey P said. Why does it matter to you?

In many cars (such as our 2006 Accord), the DRL’s are the high beam bulbs at low power. Disconnecting the bulbs to turn off the DRL’s on such a vehicle would also disable the high beams.

That was the case with my 2002 Saturn SC1 - pulling the DRL relay also disabled the right high beam (but not the left).

So much for “logic”.