2003 driver controls not working

My 2003 Pontiac Bonneville sle driver controls not working. All other door controls work fine. My driver side rear floor was wet but completely dry now, driver side control back lights work, this started slow with the control working off and on through the day then eventually completely quit working. I was told to unhook my battery to see if it would reset, didn’t work. Thanks for any information you may have!

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It’s probably a bad connection somewhere. I am not familiar with the wiring on a 2003 Bonneville, but I doubt that the wet floor is related to the issue. You are more likely to have a problem where the wiring harnesses have a connector.

I have also seen wires slowly cut through and fail in doors due to a rough piece of metal on the frame or the door.

Your symptoms are consistent with both a corroded and failing connector or a wire that has been chafed through.

Probably the best thing to do is pop the door cover off and poke around with a multimeter, and see where you are getting voltage and where you aren’t. If you aren’t handy with a multimeter, then unfortunately it’s probably a trip to ye ol local mechanic for this one.

Check under the driver’s side seat or under the rear floor mat on the driver’s side. There should be an electrical connection there. Pontiacs tend to either short this connection when the seat is moved, or corrode the connection when water gets in. Wet drivers side rear floor mats are very common.

What please are “driver controls?”

Thanks for all the info, it will be later this week before I can look at these possibilities. By driver control I was meaning the master control for the driver that operates all windows, locks and side mirrors