2006 Jeep Commander - Replacing the roof

What all is involved with replacing the roof on a 2006 Jeep Commander? There seems to be very little in the way of information on this available online.

Cut off the old one and weld on a new one. Sounds simple, but it’s not. Many body shops won’t even attempt this due to the difficulty. My daughter had a large tree branch fall on the roof of her 2014 Dodge, her insurance company totaled the car instead of fixing it due to the cost.

The roof is part of the structural integrity of the entire vehicle. That is why the whole basic chassis, from the floor, frame roof supports and roof are made into a single piece that everything else bolts to.

Back when I drove and built race cars, cutting off the roof was common but we were installing a roll cage to support the structure of the vehicle. Even then we used 1/4 inch plate steel to add structure to the welds when the roof was reattached. Not something that can be done to a street car.

Body work to restore a vehicle to its original appearance is very expensive–and your 2006 vehicle is only worth a few thousand dollars.

But lots of people find a dented vehicle acceptable as long as it works OK.

So OP tell us exactly what the problems are with the roof and what you want to achieve.

Very rusted and now leaks VERY badly.

it would cost at least as much as the thing is worth. The roof is an integral structural panel which all of the pillars, rear aperture, and windshield frame attach to. I don’t know that you’d even find a body shop willing to do the job; typically roof damage affecting the pillars is a good way to total any car. and I don’t know if you’d be able to get new replacement panels.

You could do a quick-and-dirty job on it by wire-brushing the loose rust off, treating it with a rust neutralizer, then slapping fiberglass over any holes. Paint with a spray can. It’d look like sh*t, but your car isn’t worth much anyway.

The engine is only a couple years old. Maybe I can get some value for that but it sounds like time to sell it.