2008 Dem. Ticket Clinton & Clinton

Concerning a Bill Clinton Third Term as President:
As mentioned he could run for VP and then the President could resign after taking the Oath of Office. This is unlikely to happen.

Scenario that might work:
2008 Dem. Ticket Clinton & Clinton. Hillary as Pres & Bill as VP.
Don’t discount this. I think among moderates and liberals, Bill’s appeal is growing. Many would say he was an excellant President on policy and had some self control issues.

Plausible is not highly likely. They would then effectively work as co-presidents.

This has been debated before: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=2714

No one can be Vice President who is not qualified to be President, so we need to amend that old Staff Report. He could not run for Vice President. It’s interesting that this question is always raised in terms of Bill and Hillary, and not in terms of Jeb Bush running for President with his brother George W as Vice President.

In any case, this forum is aimed at Comments on the Staff Report. Please confine your comments to the Staff Report; political discussions belong in the Great Debates forum.

My (possibly biased) experience is that the internet in general, and “fighting ignorance”-type communities in particular tend to skew liberal. The question may well be not only a hypothetical, but an exercise in wishful thinking.

Sorry to comment on this observation rather than on the report.

But a Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton ticket would be possible.
(But not until the 2016 election, when Chelsea’s 35.)

I’ve always heard it, not as wishful thinking, but as a dread supposition – that somehow Bill Clinton would trick and subvert the Constitution so as to continue to hold power. That’s why it’s interesting that it’s so one-sided.

OK, I inivited that by making a comment. I now repent thereof, and ask that this thread stay on topic of Staff Report. Discussion about whether Jeb Bush would be candidate with GW as VP on the slate is to be held in Great Debates forum.

So, in the event of Hillary’s election, which cabinet post, if any, is Bill best suited for? Or something else, like Ambassador to the U.N.?

No, no, no. This thread is about the possibility of a President (any President) manipulating the Constitution so as to serve a third full term. This thread is NOT about Bill Clinton, nor any other particular individual.

And, actually, since this was discussed and settled long ago, I call it closed.