2008 POTUS quiz

How accurate or useful this is could probably be debated but here is an interesting opinion quiz to take to see which 2008 candidate your political views most align with:


Just interested in who you personally back before taking the quiz and who it says your views align with.
Do they match or differ? Any surprises?

I didn’t know if I liked him personally but I always had always liked what John Edwards had to say when I heard him talk. I was currently torn between Clinton and Obama. The quiz says my views are most in line with Edwards so maybe I’m drawn towards him now.
When I took this quiz 4 years ago it said my views were most in line with Joe Liberman.


All the Dems scored higher socialy and the Pubs economicly.

Highest social score - Joe Biden - 56%

Highest economic score - Huckabee - 58%
Highest overall - Huckabee - 50%

Lowest overall - Chris Dodd - 23%

Highest rated Dem - Bill Richardson - 30%

Lowest rated Pub - Romney - 25%

Bill Richardson at the top, followed by Obama. Huckabee at the bottom, tied with two people I never heard of.

This is handy! I was just thinking the other day that I should start researching the candidates’ positions prior to the day before the primary. For once in my life.

Here’s another one that I was linked to today - Glassbooth.org. Interestingly, these two tests gave me very different results, though in both cases they matched me to a candidate I never even heard of: Dodd from the former, Gravel from the latter. I guess that means that they’re doomed.

These quizzes never add up well. The scope is too small the answers to simple. It pays to read the candidates positions on the Issues.

I got Biden, Edwards & Richardson at 53% and I know from Edwards issues page, how strongly I do not support him.


Or use a summary site like this: http://projects.washingtonpost.com/2008-presidential-candidates/issues/candidates/

Or use the Wiki Political Position Pages:

Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson for me.

I have a 4-way tie between Clinton, Dodd, McKinney, and Obama at 43%. That should clear things up for me.

Clinton 53%
Obama 48%

Since I wouldn’t vote for Hillary if my life depended on it, that means I’m Obama’s man, which is the way I was planning on voting in the first place.