2008 Toyota Solara (Camry) idling too fast

This car is idling at 1500. I don’t know what spec is on this car but this seems faster than it used to be and the engine sounds like it’s revving up, like it’s getting some gas from the pedal. I can’t find what it should be, but this isn’t the way it was for the first 10 years I’ve had the car. Any suggestions for either troubleshooting, adjusting, or “ignore it”? Seems like the idle speed is set by the computer, so not mechanically adjustable.

A car’s computer is only as good as the input that it gets. In a situation like this, I would wonder if a sensor is going bad. That’s certainly not the only possibility, but one place to look.

A few years back, the speed sensor on my car failed. The computer did an amazing impression of a failing transmission, simply and solely because it couldn’t tell how fast the car was going, and therefore didn’t know what gear the car should be in.

Look for air sneaking in from a cracked or broken hose, like the PCV or brake booster vacuum line. The car’s computer measures the air that enters normally and air that bypasses that measurement will mess the idle up.

Check the Idle Air Controller.

Is the Check Engine light on?

The car should idle fast when it first starts, and then should kick down to a lower idle once it has warmed up. I’m wondering if something is preventing this from working properly. It should kick down to the lower idle within a couple of minutes, tops.

How is your coolant level? If your coolant is fine then maybe you have a bad temperature sensor.

The next thing that I would suspect is the O2 sensor, then perhaps the mass airflow sensor (it needs that to figure out the air temperature, among other things), or perhaps an air leak as icbm suggested.

I wouldn’t ignore it. It’s probably running rich since it thinks it’s in warm-up mode constantly and that will burn out your catalytic converter and cause you other issues since the engine will basically be running too hot all the time.

It might be a good idea to head down to ye ol local auto parts store. They can see if the engine computer stored any codes, even if the check engine light isn’t currently on. Most auto parts stores, at least in this area, will check the codes for free since they want to sell you the parts to fix whatever problem the code indicates.

No warning lights on. I will run down everything that everyone has mentioned but most likely I will just take it into a shop. It’s not 1975 anymore.