2011 MLB Home Run Pool

It’s been a long winter, but regular season baseball is less than 24 hours away. I really enjoyed running this game last year, so let’s do it again for 2011!

Here’s how to play: Each week, pick the Major Leaguer who you think will hit the most home runs in the upcoming week. At the end of the regular season, the participant whose picks hit the most homers in the weeks that they were picked wins.

Now for the rules:

  • You may not pick the same player more than once over the course of the season. Your picks for each week don’t have to be different from everybody else’s, but please don’t just blatantly copy another participant’s picks.

  • Each game week runs from Thursday to Wednesday (note that this is different to last year, where weeks ran from Monday to Sunday, because of how the season has been scheduled). If any tiebreaker games are needed at the end of the regular season, they will count as part of the final week.

  • You may make picks at any time in advance, and you may also make a pick for a week at any time during that week. However, in order for a game to count for accumulation of stats, your pick must be posted before the scheduled first pitch time of the game he is playing in. Please make it clear which week you want each pick to be counted for.

  • If you are making a pick for a week after that week has started, then any player who has already hit a home run earlier in the week is an invalid pick for the rest of that week (to avoid people waiting an extra day to see who’s got a hot bat). The scheduled time of the first pitch of that day’s game will be used to determine the validity of your pick (for example, if a game starts at 7:05, you make your pick at 7:15 and your chosen player homers at 9:00, the pick is invalid even though you made your selection before the player homered). This rule exists because I can’t determine the exact time a player homered unless I happen to be watching that particular game.

  • Any changes to your pick for the week must be posted before the start of that week - no changing players in the middle of a week.

  • Please make it clear exactly which player you wish to pick - if he has the same name as another Major Leaguer, please give additional identification (such as his team).

  • The total number of home runs your picks hit in the weeks you pick them will be used to rank participants. Ties will be broken by counting the number of at bats your picks accumulate in the weeks they are picked for (same number of HRs in fewer at bats is better).

  • Only regular season games count for accumulation of stats. Home Runs hit in the All-Star game, Home Run Derby or Postseason games don’t count.

  • If a suspended game is resumed in a later week, the player who you selected in the week that the game was started will count for accumulation of stats.

Here is a link to last year’s thread.

Have fun!

My pick for week 1: Alex Rodriguez (NYY)