2012 College Football Week #2

Well I think Michigan will just mark down the “W” and speak no more about that sad mess.

Florida made some adjustments at halftime, and shut down the Aggies to escape with the win.

LSU-Washington is up next…


:smack: Well, I guess we still have Arkansas as our West Rival.

And I think eventually Arkansas and Mizzou will become each other rivals. That might mean you will inherit the Aggies!

Assuming the SEC does not realign.

I hadn’t thought of another Columbia to the SEC but I did think that there are more Tigers (to go along with LSU and Auburn)

What happens if the SEC annexes Clemson? More TIGERS!

MSU agreed to play a home and home with the three Michigan MAC schools to help build those programs a bit more and help those local economies. It’s a pretty cool move.

Colorado loses to Sacramento State, Big Sky and FCS School.

What has happened to Colorado football program?

Yeah, A&M just couldn’t do shit the second half–that looked too familiar. :frowning:

The new QB does show some promise, though.

Holy shit UL-Monroe just beat Arkansas.

S-E-C! S-E-C!! S-E-C!!!

They s’posed to be SEC!

(My team lost by 39. Don’t worry about that.)

Well, thats a lot of uncomfortable, disappointed people!

Proud of the Dawgs tonight, but Mizzou will make a great addition to the SEC. A&M, too.

Go Dawgs.

Dan Hawkins.

Roll Tide.

But I’m extremely disappointed with the win. Yes, yes, it was 35-0. On paper, it looks like a total blowout. But the offensive line, which is supposed to be the best OL in college football in recent memory, was apparently trying to murder A.J. McCarron. They gave up SIX (!) sacks to WKU. SIX. Absolutely incredible.

And I’m placing the blame squarely on them for the loss of Jalston Fowler, probably for the season. Horrible protection.

There is simply no way that those slabs of beef should not be able to firm up a passing pocket for a QB. No way.

Those assholes had better get their act together, or A.J.'s eventually going down, and we’re screwed.

Hey, Northwestern beat Vanderbilt in the battle of rich nerds. Which is like, the only point of pride in a typically shitty Saturday for the Big Ten.

I thought Stanford beat Duke in the battle of rich nerds.

ESPN said both team’s fans were chanting “you’ll work for us someday”.

Weird day for the Pac-12. Stunning, brilliant victories for Oregon State and UCLA. Clown stomping administered to Utah and Colorado. Pretty much according to form for the rest…my Bears had all they could handle with FCS Southern Utah. Our remodeled stadium is still beautiful, but the team on the turf is ugly, and we’re about to be humiliated by Ohio State and USC. This will, Oski willing, be Tedford’s last year.

Thanks for the info wmulax93. You’re right, it is a very cool move by the Spartans. Good on them.

Darn it, Georgia Tech whipped the Blue Hose of Presbyterian/.

Is there a more pathetic nickname for a college team than The Blue Hose?

What is there mascot? A Sock?

Well, it works for these guys.