2012 College Football Week #2

Here’s the 2012 Schedule for SEC schools.

This week features Washington coming to Death Valley to face LSU, Auburn at Miss State, Missouri hosting Georgia (SEC debut for Missouri), Texas A&M hosting Florida (SEC debut for the Aggies) and the potentially watchable UTEP @ Ole Miss, among other games.

I’m calling UTEP to beat Ole Miss. The Rebels have a new coach, but are still probably the worst team in the SEC.

Also calling Miss State to beat Auburn. State struggles with SEC opponents not named Ole Miss, but they may be able to handle Auburn this year. If they do, it could be the start of something good for my beloved Bulldogs…

I’ll be at the Mizzou game tomorrow for the SEC debut. I haven’t been this excited for a game in a long time. MIZ…

It’s a bit of a boring week I think. There are a handful of decent match-ups, but nothing great. Games like UF-TAMU and UW-LSU seem great because they’re very good/great programs, but I still expect UF-TAMU to look like 2 teams that will finish about 6-6 and LSU to whup Washington (sort of like LSU @ WVU could have been great last year, but LSU ended up winning big).

I can’t wait to see Miami @ KSU. Miami’s (last week anyway) has 34 freshmen and sophomores on the 2-deep, and I think it was 14 freshmen played last week. Duke Johnson is going to be a great running back.

I’m headed down to Columbia (the real Columbia, suck it Mizzou) for the USC v ECU game. As far as I know Connor Shaw is still a game day decision, so I’m a bit nervous. Then again, it’s South Carolina, I’m always nervous.

Can we agree that the team that wins in the matchup in a few weeks gets to be the real Columbia for a year?

Nebraska at UCLA this weekend. My Huskers looked good vs Southern Miss, despite their All-Big Ten* RB being out. QB Martinez had a fantastic game, but consistency hasn’t been one of his strong points.

They’re saying the Husker fans could outnumber the UCLA fans in the Rose Bowl.

  • Still feels weird saying Nebraska and Big Ten

I’m looking forward to watching football on tv this weekend - about the only time this month I’ll be able to. At least I won’t be missing anything with my 'Noles. Poor Savannah State…West Virginia sucks. I hope you enjoy the off week you fucking cowards.

I’ll concede the point. Since you have been designated our SEC West Rival[sup]TM[/sup], The Real Columbia will move often.

State/Auburn is up first for me today. The game is on ESPN. Hoping for good things for my Bullydogs…

I always thought the real Columbia was an Ivy League school in NYC. :wink:

On a different point, does anyone know why Michigan State agreed to play a road game AT Central Michigan this weekend? They’d get 75K paying customers in East Lansing, vs 30,000 @ CMU. It doesn’t add up to me.

Jesus, Miami is getting their dick handed to them all sliced up paper thin on a deli roll with some roast beef and chips.

Big SEC win for State. 28-10 at home over Auburn.

I don’t care what anyone has to say about the weakness of their opponents. Minnesota is 2-0, and I am happy.

Mizzou is in the East.

Texas A&M leading Florida at halftime, 17-10. Go Ags!

That Aggie QB looks sharp for a redshirt freshman making his first start. He’s playing smart, like a seasoned veteran.

Serious injury for Tulane safety Devon Walker. Apparently he stopped breathing on the field, and was revived with CPR. Looking at the video, it appears to be just a freak accident, a helmet to helmet hit with his teammate while trying to make a tackle.

Oak-He broke his neck.

Broken neck and a collapsed lung. They performed a tracheotomy on him on the field.

Wow. Scary stuff. Hope he will be okay.