2012 Olympics women's swimsuits (Question)

I’m posting this question for my wife. She’s been watching the Olympics swimming contests, and wonders “how those swimsuits work.” Meaning, how do they stay up and in place? What prevents “wardrobe malfunctions”?

Which ones are you talking about? They all look like pretty standard 1-pieces to me, albeit with the long legs.

They are one piece which comes over the shoulders. They are also tight as hell.

There can be “malfunctions” as there was in a water polo match the other day, though that’s because they pull on the suits.

Yes, that’s the one I mean, the womens’ suit, usually black with the halter strap and legs. I suspect that there must be some hidden bra inside.

Mrs. Cretin

Cite? :slight_smile:

There’s no bra. Just a very tight suit. The idea is to get everything, including the breasts, compressed as much as possible. The shoulder straps hold it up, no need for extra material.

There’s a link for the photo on this link. I think there’s an article too.

ETA: Video and commentary in this one

My Reason-For-Living thanks you. She reports that she also found mention online about “compression panels.” Sounds like those suits aren’t particularly comfortable.

Certainly no worse than wearing a wetsuit.

I was resding somewhere that the full body suits worn in Beijing 2008 (which have since been outlawed) took 30 min to put on. I can’t imagine they were very comfortable at all.

I never used the really expensive ones, but the ones I have used took a few minutes and they were really tight. I can see 5 minutes or so, but not 30. I do know people took them off right away.

Another question: why were the high-tech suits all the swimmers were wearing in Beijing subsequently banned? Was it because they were too expensive for the swimmers from less wealthy countries to afford?

They were thought to give too much of an advantage to the swimmer. There were a lot of records broken, as in almost all of them, within a year or two. FINA didn’t like that so they banned them. But as we’re seeing now there are a lot of times falling that people thought wouldn’t.

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