2012 PGA Championship

What the hell kind of board is this? No thread for the PGA, but active threads on team handball? I didn’t know it was even played in the US.

Anyway, Tiger has been averaging over 29 putts per round this year, but yesterday he only needed 22, and he’s made long putts for par and birdie on his first two holes today. Not good news for the field.

Rory is also looking like he has regained his form. It would be great if we got a Tiger-Rory final group on Sunday.

Holy crap, Tiger made two more bombs for a par save and a birdie. I don’t care if I’m the only one posting; somebody has to record this for posterity.

My prediction: Conditions are pretty benign, so I expect someone who is between E and -2 to post a low number like 66.

I did not see the conditions that Vijay played in yesterday, but if they were the same as the afternoon, the only players who were really on their game were Vijay, Tiger, and Poulter.

I see around five players in contention going into Sunday, those three plus someone like Scott or McElroy.

Too bad for Justin Rose - -4 through eight today, but he put up a 79 yesterday. If it were a 75 he’d be tied for the lead.

I think Vijay not only had more wind, but intermittent rain to deal with. To shoot a 69 when players were averaging nearly 79 under slightly better conditions was just amazing.

I don’t expect Tiger to keep making bombs like he did yesterday, but his ball striking seemed to improve as the day went on, so maybe he won’t need to. But with so many good players just a few shots off the lead, I have no idea how this weekend will work out.

I think a few of the PGA posting Dopers have been banned recently. Gonzomax and that cynic guy… and I think libelral also posted in the PGA threads but wasn’t banned,just went away.

Would much rather see Tiger and Adam scott in one of the final groupings,just to see how each of them respond.The way things are looking currently it might be McIlroy and Scott in the last.

Yeah, it looks like Rory is really on his game, and Tiger has lost his. I think he’s only hit two good shots all day. Early in the third round is way too early to become desperate, but that’s the impression I got from him.

Play is done for the day. Probably just as well for Tiger and Poulter and Phil. I’m sure they had no interest in coming back out tonight.

McIlroy (still only 23) with a win would definitely indicate that he might be the Next Big Thing in golf-I was getting a bit sick and tired of all these one-and-done types.

The Omega commercial repeated every few minutes is annoying as hell. It sounds like one of those Christmas ads repeated every few minutes, every year. Omega, or jewelry, or expensive car or something I’m not buying.

Interesting final round. Petterson unfortunately involved with the officials again, but this one didn’t hurt. And a very good response by him earlier.

Rory needs to make a couple birdies the way Poulter is playing.

Minutes later,Poulter goes Bogey,Bogey.

Golf is a cruel game.

Rory’s cruising, but we’ve seen some epic collapses. I don’t wish that on him at all.

Northern Europe just kicked the shit out of everybody in the golf world.

Well, Rory just cleared up the best player in the world debate. Today’s round was the best I’ve seen all year.

Some round by the man from Holywood. Two majors by 23 is incredible but let’s hold off crowning him just yet. He’s no Woods yet.

No, I get that. Right now, he’s better than Tiger is. But he needs to win four out of the next five majors before we start wondering whether he’s as good as Tiger used to be.

And Tiger’s still the second best in the world right now, and seems to be trending upward, so the jury isn’t in yet.

Not sure I’d say he is trending upwards. Might be a more reasonable argument to say he has hit a plateau. He has faded, badly, in the last few majors.

Can he win five more? I think so, yes, unless Rory does a Tiger and destroys the field.

Rory has all the talent in the world, but the real question is whether or not he can maintain his focus on golf. Even Tiger with his legendary single mindedness couldn’t keep it together long enough to reach Nicklaus’ 18 major titles. Golf is a punishing game, if you don’t practice all the time, it is easy to lose that edge. Golfers these days have too much money, celebrity and everything else going on to catch the old timers. Rory seems to like the celebrity lifestyle a bit too much. I think he might win 8 - 10 majors, which would still be an incredible career, but I doubt that he will ever catch Nicklaus like some people predict for him. Let’s see if Rory is still focused when he is 30 or even 28.

Wha? How is this train of thought even possible? Yeah the guy is good, one of the better golfers on the tour, but didn’t he miss like 4 of his last 5 cuts or something like that? How does that allow someone to be the best?

Well, he may not be “the” best yet, but he is ranked #1. Guys who win 2 majors before they are 25 tend to become superstars.