2015 Housecleaning

Well, it looks like the Game Room situation is going to be addressed, that’s a good start. Can we also put an end to FX Mastermind’s personal blog in the Pit? I’ve been here for 15 years and I’ve never seen a thread like that one be allowed to live. It’s 100% trollery but worse, it’s pure stupidity. He’s now resorting to quoting himself, and often has six or seven consecutive posts.

It’s gone on for 16 months and said poster has posted in it over 1200 times.


Busy day yesterday. Sorry for being late to see this.


Any point he wanted to make has surely been made by now.


Certain posters have been told under no certain circumstances is the SDMB to be their personal blog. How FXM can get away with it (twice now) I don’t understand.

Close it down and nuke any more ersatz blogs that will undoubtedly appear in the future.

If you don’t like a thread you don’t have to open it and read it. You keep reading that thread and it is annoying you. Maybe you could stop reading it and then you’ll stop being annoyed.

And certain other posters are allowed to have their personal blog here. Like the pigeon eggs thread that’s been going on for 6 years and 38 pages and 99% of the posts are by siam sam.


I’ve never opened that thread before now, and I’m surprised it is indeed a blog.

So. Honest question: How is it posters such as JohnClay have been forbidden to start blog-ish threads, while FXMastermind and apparently siam sam are allowed free reign?

What am I missing?

And while I’m well aware that threads that hold no interest for me can be suitably ignored, that doesn’t negate the fact that using the SDMB as a blogging platform is generally frowned upon. FXM’s previous blog attempt was shut down, siam sam’s is allowed to live…

So I ask again, what am I missing?

This was (sort of) answered in another thread where it was also asked why JohnClay wasn’t allowed to “blog” about his issues here, while Sam’s egg thread was still allowed.
The answer given is: JohnClay would often write and talk about things that were far too TMI even for the SDMB. Most of his topics didn’t really break any rules per se, but fell under what I like to call the “Just Not a Good Idea To Make a Thread About” common sense thing.
Siam Sam, on the other hand, has never made ongoing, blogging-like topics that included sex with his wife and that kind of stuff.

Had JohnClay made an ongoing topic about other things, like his ongoing efforts to build a house (or something like that, I’m just giving an example), I doubt the thread would have been closed and him told to “stop blogging”.

Cool. Now that somewhat extraneous issues have been addressed, what about that “I pit global warming” ridiculosity?

Holy hell, you’ve got to be kidding me. Well, you don’t have to be kidding me; it’s your prerogative and all, but still.

I generally subscribe to the ‘don’t open it if you’re not interested’ camp, so never re-opened those threads for a few reasons. So I always figured there was a thriving set of pigeon fans or maybe a diehard group dedicated to answering the ‘Where are all the Baby Pigeon’ question from way back. And although I work in climate change policy, I never got past the first few questionable posts in the GW thread but figured GIGObuster and a lot of others were actively debating various bits of nonsense that arose.

But no, holy pigeon no. Sam made 1,200 of the pigeon thread’s 1,900 posts. That’s a hell of a lot higher than Fx’s 1,300 in a 3,500 thread, but still–welcome to the Straight Dope Message Blog.

Any other Board blogs out there?

In addition to this, the Pigeon Egg thread is just one very long thread. If Sam started a new Egg thread every week, there would probably be a problem. JohnClay might have gotten away with it if all of his personal life posts were confined to one single thread. I am vaguely aware of the Pigeon Egg thread and didn’t know that the other one existed.

Fact is, FXM would have given up long ago if some of us didn’t keep egging him on. He knows that sooner or later, someone will feed him.

Since that someone has often been me, I guess I could apologize. But I don’t see the harm it, frankly.

I’m not going to say there’s any harm - clearly there’s not. There is, however, this :

I completely missed his original GD debacle…how did TPTB tell him to modify his behavior?

As the mod chiefly responsible for not closing that thread, the main reason is that every time I go in there, there’s at least half a dozen people actively engaging him. I’m not sure why they’re still engaging him, but if they’re having fun with it, I don’t see much point in stopping them.

Thanks for responding, Miller. I appreciate and value your view on the matter. I will just say that if what FXMastermind is doing in that thread is not promoting his personal agenda, then I suggest that the two sentences I quoted above have no meaning and should perhaps be excised from the Registration Agreement.

Just kidding!! Of course they have meaning. I really don’t see why they are not applicable here. 16 months. The same stuff over and over and over again. Is there ever a point where it is decided that enough is enough?

I don’t actually read it. I’ve posted in it exactly once, and that was to tell people to stop feeding the troll. I’m just tired of seeing it pop up day after day and it seems to be at odds with what this message boards mission.

Sure, FX is promoting a personal agenda with that thread. That’s not necessarily against board rules. Every time I post in a thread about gay rights, I’m promoting a personal agenda. Every time GIGObuster posts about how global warming is a real danger, he’s promoting a personal agenda. Or ITRchampion on Obamacare, or PJen on Scottish independence. The question is, at what point does pursuing a personal agenda become a problem for the board in general? Posting repeatedly to a single thread does not, in my estimation, present a problem to the board at large.

If FX were posting multiple threads a week on the same subject, or had a habit of injectjng his opinions on climate change into every thread he participated in, regardless of subject, then that rule would come into play. If he’s keeping it all in that one ridiculous Pit Thread, then as long as people are willing to engage him, I don’t see a good reason to shut it down.

Pigeon egging?

Seriously, move the FXM thread to the Mundane Pontless forum and Twix will have it shut down by the end of the weekend. Problem solved!


Excellent point and excellent mod decision.

As an aside, I would like to see the part I highlighted in red become official SDMB policy.

So simple, direct, blindingly clear. And applies to roughly 97percent of the things people gripe about around here. Never ceases to blow my mind.

Oh please please please can we?