2016 European Cup Final, Real v Atletico

Watch it herefree online. (:D)
Ok,now that I got that out of my system, its on Saturday at the San Siro. For the second time in three years its an all-Madrid final, Real won the last one in 2014. Who do you think will win.

I suspect Atletico might, they are clearly a better team (as opposed to a collection of individual superstars that are Real), but with a forward line of Bale, Benzema and CR7, who knows.

Atletico on PKs. CR7 will be playing injured.

While I think Ronaldo is still the best player in the world, and want him to win more silverware, I think Atleti deserve it more. RM shouldn’t be rewarded for their total mismanagment, e.g. Firing quality managers on a whim. Plus Simeone is a truly great manager who really deserves the top prize in club football.

What’s interesting is that RM’s offense has been pretty feeble on the road, and Atletico’s vaunted defense has been shown to have holes away from the Vicente Calderon. Since neither will be home, I expect a 1-0 score regardless of who wins. But I’m hoping for some moments of brilliance from Griezmann and Ronaldo and won’t be terribly disappointed no matter who wins so long as it’s a good game.

I just want to see Fernando Torres destroy a defence, the way he used to in his prime, one more time before he ends up in MLS or China.

I remember how he used to be like a cat playing with its prey, against Vidic and Rio. He has traumatised Lahm, everytime Lahm sees him its clear that he would rather be a million miles away.

I’m expecting Simeone to have his team fired up like sharks in a literal bloodbath - this is about as good of a chance as they’ll get to exact revenge for the 2014 final and redeem themselves after the pitiful collapse in extra time.

It could be a tight game, but I could also see Atleti coming out in an absolute frenzy and just dismantling Madrid. As someone who loathes Florentino Perez and everything Real Madrid has ever stood for under his stewardship, I hope it’s the latter and they’re embarrassed on the biggest stage.

I want Saul to do what he did to Bayern. Dribble , cut inside , shoot and score. He’s their best player at the moment , imo. Also Torres to score would be also great. I miss his Liverpool days when he was such a monster…

I think I’ve done a 180 on this match. There is enough offensive quality on both sides that they should each be able to score. I now predict a 2-1 win for Atleti, after a low scoring 1st half.

Eta: this game is easily capable of producing an early red card, which would change everything.

Opening ceremony; has Alicia Keys for some reason.

Can’t see the connection but excellent choice. Couldn’t get Adele? I think Bocelli sang or will sing as well.

1-0 Real in 20th minute. Not really RM’s style to park the bus. But perfectly capable of doing it with Casemiro, Ramos and Pepe. Let’s see.

Pepsi is promoting the event.

Real Madrid ahead on a blatantly offside goal by Sergio Ramos. I suppose expecting a ref quartet consisting of Clattenburg, Marriner et al to have eyes in their fucking heads was asking too much. Worst choice of referees I’ve seen for a while - Clattenburg is almost certain to bungle at least one high-impact call per game and routinely lets games get out of hand.

It was very clear offsides and the Fox announcers in the US broadcast didn’t even question it. Poor announcing and makes you wonder. I’m not watching half time but hopefully at least they discuss it. Really need a make up call for Atleti. Should’ve been disallowed.

If Clattenburg doesn’t get his act together (really bloody fucking unlikely, given that the man is an absolute imbecile in addition to apparently being legally blind) I’m pretty much expecting the game to turn into an all-out brawl that makes the Chelsea vs Tottenham debacle look like a petty tiff. Could easily see more than a single direct red considering that Clattenburg is unbelievably card-shy until players start literally hacking each other down.

Credit to Zidane, though - Real are approaching the situation perfectly. Atleti are at their worst when they have to dictate play. It’ll be interesting to see what Carrasco on for Augusto Fernandez does for them; personally I’d rather have seen Correa given that he’s generally better in limited space.

Griezmann misses a penalty. Un-fucking-believable. Florentino Perez must have hired some witch to curse this team.

Offside is singular. It should not be pluralised when talking about association football.

In Clattenburg’s defense (and I say this with the utmost reluctance) he’s officiated the second half very well. A lot of refs would have given Ramos a direct red for that tackle on Carrasco, but he’s not the last man, and Carrasco isn’t free on goal by any means. Good on him for carding Gabi as well - as much as I like Atleti, they have a really obnoxious habit (common to all Spanish teams, really) of crowding the ref, and Clattenburg was right to draw the line.

Both players getting a yellow on one play? That just seems wrong.

One gets it for the actual foul, the other for unsportsmanlike behaviour. Technically two separate incidents.




Guts me to see Real win it. Not just because Atleti arguably deserved it more, but particularly because Pepe is a disgusting, despicable, loathsome diver and violent sociopath that belongs behind bars, not on a football pitch. Clattenburg fucked up criminally by not sending him off for his second blatant dive and attempt at drawing a red card.