2016 Olympic Rugby Sevens

What a cool game!

I’ve lived in Australia and Great Britain - both big on Rugby - and I’ve not heard of this sport.

As I understand it, there are only 7 players on each side (vs 15 in regular Rugby) and the half’s are only 7 minutes in length with a brief 2 minute ‘half time’.

It wasn’t on TV here in Ireland, but the American women just tied the top-ranked Australian team. That should be enough to get into the next round, which conveniently is tonight. Finals are tomorrow.

The men start play on Tuesday.

I’m an American and I’m also eager to see the men’s rugby 7’s. I see precious little rugby here, as most of it is relegated to speciality sports networks that are on a higher cost cable tier.

It’s an incredible sport - fast, continuous and highly skilful.

There’s an international world tour, which has had a leg in Las Vegas, plus various long established tournaments.
These include Hong Kong and the Borders (where the game was invented in 1883.)

The leading Olympic seeds are:


  1. Fiji
  2. South Africa
  3. New Zealand
  4. Great Britain


  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. Canada
  4. Great Britain

(I think the USA are 6th in both competitions.)

The US women had a great game against the Australians, but watch out for Carlin Isles in the US men’s team - he’s done the 100m in 10.15!

That’s (Fiji) neat, as the BBC said the women in Fiji train with the men.

USA -v- the All Blacks, nil-nil :slight_smile:

USA 0 New Zealand 5 …

…for two minutes, New Zealand had a player ‘sin-binned’ (i.e. off the field.) If only the US could have scored a converted try in that time, they’d be through to the semi-finals!

I watched some of this today. Can’t make heads or tails about the rules. At least it doesn’t drag on too long.

What’s the deal with the clock? Why have it if play continues beyond it? USA got fucked by a bad call earlier, then by the play after time expired.

I don’t get it.

After the hooter goes at full time, the game continues until the ball goes dead eg it gets kicked into touch.