2018 Balloon d'Or

The award for the best soccer player in the world was given out yesterday to Luka Modric of Real Madrid and Croatia. It’s the first time a Croatian won the award (ESPN embarrassingly said it’s the second after Nedved, who is Czech) It’s been widely speculated for a while, and pretty well deserved. Ronaldo finished 2nd, Griezmann 3rd, Mbappe 4th, and Messi 5th.

The last time someone other than Ronaldo or Messi won the award was 2007 (they finished second and third that year). Is this the end of their era, or will one of them squeak out a 6th before their careers are over? Given there’s no WC next year it seems likely that the 2019 winner will be on the CL winning team so I wouldn’t rule either out and would think they’re both more likely than, say, Neymar, Hazard, or Mbappe.

Just a note that I would have loved if they had asked Modric if HE could twerk. :smiley:

Glad to see that the most influential player at the World Cup this year was awarded the trophy for that fact. Didn’t hurt that he was on the UCL winning team, either.


It’s Ballon d’Or.

Yeah that was some bullshit. Glad to see that the guy came to his senses later, at least; he’s apologized multiple times. Good on Miss Hegerberg for her immediate reaction and for her later responses.

If y’all missed the story: https://apnews.com/335704fca12c4e6badc150d865be3bbd

Finally, someone outside of El Clasico.

I had been hoping for a Neuer win a few years ago.

I agree that it’s interesting that someone else won, but IMO, if there were any quibbles in the previous 10 picks it is that Messi should have won over Ronaldo or vice versa rather than anyone else being in the same universe.