2020 is hindsight, lets rant about 2021 (January minirants)

Am I the only bored crabby one here? Its gotten so bad that Mom is drinking wine and watching Heavy Metal with me.

Our FIV cat is going faster than we expected. We are used to cats dying of age related diseases which can give us time to get mentally prepared. This shit sucks.

I have a long time friend who is a Trump supporter. This summer she posted Facebook photos of her unmasked with others at a pro-Trump rally. This Halloween, she planned a “barn” Halloween party. A week ago she posted photos of her unmasked at Christmas gatherings including folks that were not immediate family members.

The entire year, she and her boyfriend posted memes and talking points complaining about shut downs in our state, and the same old tired COVID-19 talking points aka “only” 99% of patients die, masks don’t really work, what about the flu blah blah blah.

LO AND BEHOLD guess who just won the pony?

A couple days ago she posted on Facebook asking us to pray for her elderly mother and 50+something health compromised brother who are currently hospitalized with complications from?

You guessed it: COVID fucking 19.

Of course I will pray for her family. Of course I do not wish illness on anyone.

But how many more times do we have to put up with these DOPES flaunting COVID guidelines and then coming to us tin cup in hand when it goes wrong???

I wouldn’t do it, but the temptation to link back to pictures of the party where mom and boyfriend undoubtedly contracted the disease would be very strong.

My FIL will be 91 next month. My MIL is 89. They live 800 miles from us. He has all sorts of cardiac issues, leading to him falling or passing out. But he continues to drive, because MIL has macular degeneration to the point that she’s legally blind. We also think FIL has early stages of dementia.

They’re old - these things happen. It’s not their fault. BUT they absolutely refuse to consider moving from Florida (The COVID state) to Maryland so that we can help them out. They claim it’s because all their doctors are there… except, um, we do have doctors in Maryland, and for the most part, we don’t have to wait weeks to get appointments like they do in Ocala.

We’re not asking them to move into our house (No, please no…) but there are several senior-oriented communities within 30 minutes of us. Since we’re retired, it would be no burden to drive them shopping or to Dr appointments or anything else. We could help them clean, we could take them to events once life gets back to normal, we could have them over to dinner, they could spend time with their great-granddaughter.

But they refuse to consider it. FIL fell the other day while carrying in groceries. Fortunately, there was no bloodshed or broken bones, this time. But MIL isn’t strong enough to get him up from the ground and she can’t drive, so if it was a bad fall, they’d need a neighbor or an ambulance to help, which they’d refuse to call. Nor will they consider any sort of outside help for anything, even if it didn’t cost them anything.

I understand why they hate to lose their independence. I expect I may be the same way in 30 years. But OMG, why are they so damned pigheaded? The only one of their sons who is capable of helping frets constantly and has been making the gawd-awful drive down I-95 far too often. (Middle son lives in Texas and has thrice weekly dialysis, so he’s no help, youngest son has assorted mental and emotional issues, so he’s minimally helpful on occasion.)

Our biggest fear is that they cause a fatal accident while driving, killing themselves and others because of their stubbornness. Soooo frustrating!!

I just got an email from the California EDD that my account has been suspended due to suspicion of fraud. They say more information will come about on the 6th. Apparently, I’m not alone. I just saw a news story about it. No explanations, just that it’s happening to people.

I had to re-submit my financial information about a month ago because when I first applied, my 2019 taxes weren’t done yet. I had to guess my income at the time, but I don’t think I was far off in my estimate. (I’m a self employed musician) I’m not sure if this is related.

Any other Dopers in the same pickle?

PWUA (People Who Use Acronyms) and terms they assume people will know (spoiler: they don’t)


That would instantly make her a “former friend”. :grinning:

My WAG is this has to do with unemployment insurance. Not a stretch to figure that one out eh? smh

From here:

Florida law authorizes any physician, person or agency to report to Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) an applicant or licensed driver who may not safely operate a motor vehicle due to a medical condition. These referrals must be based on medical conditions or symptoms that could affect safe driving and not the age of the driver. This information is confidential and no legal action can be taken against the person submitting the report.

There’s even a handy link to a site to make the report.

If you’re this worried about his capabilities, I think you should report him before he can harm others. If he’s as bad off as you say, they’ll revoke his license. At that point he has a choice of driving illegally (I hope he’s law abiding!), taking a cab/rideshare, or moving.

It would be better to get his physician to do this. Ask me how I know that. :frowning:

I’m sure it is. The question is, why hasn’t the doctor (or doctors) done so already?

I think because they’re afraid the patient will make the connection and get po’d about it. I think that’s what happened in my case. The law in my parents’ state requires laypeople to back up their request with documents from a medical professional about the subject’s medical impairments. I think you can see the problems with that. I called and wrote a letter to my dad’s doctor BEGGING him to back me up if I filed a report. Got nothing in response.

It took an accident (thank OG, single-car, no one else involved) and obvious disorientation for the cops who were called to issue a citation stating the problem, which got it before the court. The resulting court order forced a response, and even then the doctor only responded in the mildest terms he could, which was to tell them if my dad could pass a driver’s test it would be OK to reinstate the license. Which only made my dad want to try and do that even though it was quite clear he couldn’t. Much emotional turmoil and a lot of other people’s time wasted.

I’m still pissed about that.

Employment D-something Division? Could be, but spell it out the first time.

Note that I’m a computer programmer that yells at people for using abbreviations in variable names. Yeah, you were limited back in the COBOL/FORTRAN days (and Oracle still has a stupid short limit on names), but spell the damn thing out.

Your Interactive Development Environment (IDE - almost didn’t define that) will auto-complete for you, and in six months the next person looking at your code will thank you.

The way I see it is the EDD doesn’t need to mean anything to me for me to understand the frustration behind the mini rant.

I find that it’s more of a thread shit when someone replies just to point out that they are clueless about an acronym


It’s Employment Development Department. And I can’t believe that it took this long for someone to expand it after the abbreviation was complained about.

I googled EDD and none of the results pertained, then I tried “California EDD” and got TONS of pages explaining how to deal with the California EDD, with no clue as to what it was. Seriously, every single page I opened assumed you knew all about “the EDD” but were having problems with people or paperwork.

Finally figured it out, but that was after a dozen dead ends.

(Life would indeed be easier if I could say “Nice rant, whatever you’re dealing with, I hear ya, man…” I’ll work on that)

There wasn’t any “complaint”. It’s just interesting that we often tend to throw in initialisms or acronyms that we’re very familiar with, forgetting that many people may not be because the acronym is regional, or specific to some technical field, or otherwise specific to some small subgroup.

My post was just a lighthearted reference to the fact that we have a thread on that very subject. Not sure why a couple of posters got bent out of shape about it. And it was hardly “threadshitting”, as @chela claimed – it was the mildest of minirants in a thread devoted to random unconnected minirants. :slight_smile:

Fine. “Observation.”

Dang. I’m glad I spelled out “California.” :grin:

No worries, I figured that folks would either know or figure it out or not care. I got that @wolfpup was ribbing me. There was a winkie after all.

Still, it sucks that I can’t buy groceries or gas until my account is figured out.

In retrospect I should have expressed some sympathy with your plight, which is also what this thread is supposed to be about! It truly does suck, and I hope this gets sorted out quickly. What a way to start off a new year!