2020: Picking a running mate upon entering the race

Hillary Clinton’s African American vote was lower than Obama’s, and his son died from cancer.

What does one have to do with the other? She didn’t call anyone “deplorable” because they were working a minimum wage job. She called them “deplorable” because they were racist, sexist, and otherwise bigots. Which somehow resulted in a bunch of people saying “Wait, she doesn’t like bigots? But that’s me! She must be talking about me!”. The only people who were offended by Clinton’s remark were those who are not only bigoted, but proud of their bigotry.

Meanwhile, Trump routinely insulted a larger portion of the electorate, more severely, and with greater frequency. If insulting the electorate would cause someone to lose, Trump would have lost.

I don’t have a clue as to Biden’s running mate, but I’m going to predict the 2020 election now: It will be Biden versus President Pence, with a Biden win, although he’ll not serve out a full term due to a sudden heart attack on a slow Tuesday afternoon part-way through

In 1976 Ronald Reagan announced that, if he were nominated, he would choose the moderate Sen. Richard Schweiker to be his VP. The only effect it had was to mobilize anti-Schweiker conservatives to turn away from Reagan and (narrowly) hand the nomination to Gerald Ford. Ford returned the favor by choosing Bob Dole to be his VP.