2020 Virtual convention thread

“Nero fiddled while rome burned… Trump golfs.”

I watched CNNs coverage and some of the commentators seemed to have a similar complaint. Michelle Obama gave a great speech, but she’s not the candidate. Bernie gave a good speech but he’s not the candidate. Kasich gave a good speech but he’s not the candidate. That was the theme of the night from the conservative commentators.

I find that watching the latest Lincoln project ad fulfills this purpose and cheers me up (or leaves me in tears-no difference at this point)

I don’t want to cross post as I already posted it in that thread but it can be found on youtube under the title Dad.

To continue my thoughts on Michelle’s speech:

She closed with: “This is not the time to withhold our votes in protest or play games with candidates who have no chance of winning. We have got to vote like we did in 2008 and 2012. We’ve got to show up with the same level of passion and hope for Joe Biden.”

I agree we that need to do that. But why should we have the same level of passion and hope with Joe as we did in 2008 and 2012? (Other than he’s not Trump, of course.) What does she personally know about Joe that makes him the absolute best leader for our nation at this time? That’s what I was hoping to hear from her.

I hope this convention isn’t just a parade of people saying we should vote for Joe because Trump’s horrible and we don’t want more bad things to happen. I mean this shouldn’t just be a week of anti-Trump speeches, this convention needs to be effusively over-the-top and heartfelt pro-Biden. Why is he special, why is he the president we need right now, why is his vision for our nation inspirational? That’s what fills people with passion and hope to turn out for a candidate, not just fear-mongering with the incumbent as a foil (even an incumbent as heinous as Trump).

And I’m not saying I didn’t like her speech, I’m just wishing it was more personal and gushing about Biden. JMHO.

ETA: I’m also really surprised she didn’t mention Harris at all.

FWIW I did hear that. He has grit. He understands what America is about. He listens. He cares about people. All of us. He was part of the team that listened to scientists to prevent the last pandemic threat and that delivered on coming out of a recession. He knows the job and is prepared to do it. So on.

But Biden does benefit by keeping this election framed as a referendum on Trump more than anything else. It is easier to have the broad consensus on Trump being awful than to get agreement across wide swaths that Biden is da Bomb.

Heard on CNN re Harris non mention - her speech was recorded before the final choice was made.

Sorry for the repeated posts, but I’ve been browsing the various news sites (The Hill, Politico, CNN, NBC) and I’m glad Michelle Obama’s speech is getting positive reviews.Obviously the media narrative is more important here than my own thoughts and opinions.

That’s a really good point. I guess I just have bubble guts when it comes to running against someone rather than for something. That’s how 2016 felt to me. That’s how 2004 felt. Clinton and Kerry were the “not Bush” or “not Trump” candidates. Both of those years I was on the ground for months with my union for the Dems, and we got fucked good. Like I said, I got bubble guts now…but maybe just being “not Trump” is what gets Biden the victory.

It was nowhere near as good as Michelle’s IMO, not in the same ballpark, but I’ll say this: he didn’t say anything in the entire eight minutes that I disagreed with. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. So that’s something.

Hard disagree. That’s what it needs to be like in a normal political year. But this is not such a year.

Fuck it, I’ma just keep posting my thoughts.

My governor, Gretchen Whitmer, imo, was a huge dud. Her most interesting moment came just before the feed from the UAW hall went live: It’s not just shark week; it’s shark week, {motherfuckers}. In that clip she looks relaxed and charming. When the cameras went live, she looked stiff and flat. She’s been doing regular COVID updates all year, and she did a good job with the SOTU response, so I don’t know why she would’ve been so nervous on camera here. But she looked bush league.

Agree that the candidate “needs” a positive message of what is being voted for, and to contrast that to what is being voted against.

Joe is to most a known entity. He is not being introduced to America and needing to be vouched for.

The message of what is being voted against is clear: incompetence in the job; amorality; no compassion; hate for large segments of who we are. And Joe is being set up as being competent for the job; moral; compassionate; and with deep love for the country in all its diversity. That’s a good message and positive vision to vote for.

If the Dems don’t take the Senate, it won’t matter one bit what Joe or Bernie or ANYONE wants to happen. It will be four more years of total gridlock.

Joe’s most important quality IS that he’s not Trump. THAT’S why he is the best leader for our nation at this time. It would be any Democrat’s most important quality at this moment in history. If my dog Sweetie were the Democratic nominee, SHE would be a better candidate than trump. Surely you’re not taking the position that “well that Democrat is kind of weak… I’ll just vote for trump”? :scream: Or “the Democrats really didn’t make a good enough case for Joe to satisfy me whine, whine, so I think I’ll stay home…” I know you’re not saying that; it just sounds like you are. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why Eva Longoria?

The Republican convention will not just be run by clowns, it will feature a clown, bigly. This ought to appeal to six-year-olds, but unfortunately, it will also appeal to voting-age adults with the mentality of six-year-olds.

This election is so important because the critical question is, is this a nation capable of governing itself and sustaining the basic principles of democracy? From the last poll results, the answer is maybe, but just by a hair.

I just don’t know what to say.

Never mind. (I guess).

The Daily Wire called, they want their copy back.

I agree it was surprisingly poorly produced. The only segments that moved me (besides Michelle Obama’s speech) were Klobuchar speaking better than I’d expected, and John Kasich, and that 15-year-old, and a few moments from the Amtrak segment (barely).

I thought overall it was a good first night. Michelle Obama’s speech was outstanding and I was impressed by it. I did think it was odd that, when they had that series of clips from the other Democratic primary contenders talking about why they support Biden, the one notable absence was Pete Buttigieg. I have to wonder why? He was by far the best speaker out of all of the candidates. He was relatively close to Biden’s centrist policies. He did a hell of a lot better than Jay Inslee and Cory Booker, who were among those who chimed in. He was the first openly gay candidate, which is a trailblazing moment. So why not Pete? It was odd.

I thought this as well. Also Castro and Bloomberg…but especially Buttgieg.

Tough room.

You did note, I hope, that Bernie Sanders nor Elizabeth Warren were in that montage as well? All 3 (Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg) are scheduled to speak at the convention which is likely why they weren’t on that.