2021-22 NBA Regular Season Thread

The NHL threads haven’t exactly been booming either, we’ve really lost a lot of people over the years.

I expect things will pick up after the NFL season

Watching Toronto play has been underwhelming at times. They have a lot of potential, and are exciting to watch when they fire on all cylinders. They are looking like they will edge into the playoffs. But what can be done to give Siakam consistency and awaken the Dragic?

Okay, this is an unpopular opinion, at least here in Portland, but C.J. McCollum should be traded. His inconsistency on the court has cost his team multiple wins and possibly even playoff positions. A few nights ago he scored 30+ points. Last night, against Sacramento (7-12), he scored 13 and turned over the ball numerous times. His incessant dribbling and resultant poor passing game is a liability, yet he continues to be one of the darlings of the NBA.

Last night’s game was also contentious in many aspects. Robert Covington was ejected after tossing his face guard toward the scoring table. Unfortunately for him, one of the refs was also standing there and decided that it was an aggressive action toward him. Later in the game Sacramento’s De’Aaron Fox was ejected for excessively fat-mouthing a ref. There were, I think, 17 fouls in the 3rd quarter alone. Very chippy.

The Raptors started slow against Memphis. But in the third quarter Precious exploded for 17 points and that turned the momentum completely around. I had wondered about him, as I wonder about several of Nick Nurse’s choices until they show you how much potential they indeed possess.

Already a quarter of the away onto the season, I’ve never seen a conference look as tight as the east does right now - 13th spot is only 6.5 games out.

That’s tight, alright. In the west, it’s Phoenix, Golden State and then a bunch of also-rans. There are seven teams that are sitting at about .500, with the once-great Spurs and Rockets sitting in the cellar.

Here in Portland, Lillard and Little are both out for at least ten games, so this team really needs to tighten up its game if they don’t want to end up with the Spurs fighting for a first-round draft pick.

Raptors have made it close a bunch of times but struggled to win, especially at home. It’s been painful, especially since there are obvious flashes of potential.

So it was refreshing to see them play a solid game for all four quarters defeating Milwaukee. Yes, the Bucks played twice in two nights and were resting Giannis. But VanVleet was impressive, as always. The Raptors look great when their 3-pointers exceed 40% and they avoid turnovers.

Even good teams have a bunch of losses and the league is looking very tight. I see the Raptors making the top ten and hopefully getting to the second playoff round.

The Blazers patented Colander Defense was at it again last night, losing to the hapless Spurs by 30 points. In addition, their only other consistent shooting guard, Anfernee Simons, sprained his ankle.

But they sure didn’t have the worst night of an NBA team.

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Two 30-point losses in as many games. We turned off the Celtics game early in the 4th quarter when it was obvious that the Blazers had given up once again after staging a sparkling comeback just before the half.