2021-22 Ski Thread - First Chair to Last Call

I’m rockin’ SX91 Equipes. Fits all those criteria.

Given your pics, no surprise and I’m envious!

Remember the Scott Schmidt backscratcher photo?

I drink… not sure what happened yesterday. But plan on bombing The Face tomorrow. All I gotta do is find a place to park…

Come visit Montana! We can keep up!

I just might do that!

Bitter cold bluebird day at Cannon, single digits at the base, below zero up. Skied well in the morning especially up top. But got very skied off as they day went on, I took a fall in the early afternoon, hurt my ribs a bit. Not enough to stop me from skiing but enough to get my attention. I was cautious for the rest of the day.

Today we were supposed to take another day at Pat’s Peak but the forecast turned to freezing rain. We decided to cancel day 2 of the weekend and head home before the roads became sheets of ice.

Taft Slalom
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Classic Franconia Notch views
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So I’m here at Sugarloaf in Maine. Temperatures are supposed to plummet tonight. The high tomorrow at the base of the mountain is 3 deg F, and the high on Tuesday is 9 deg below zero! Wish me luck! :cold_face:

Good luck up there. We may try to get up there on our Indy Pass later in the season.

With Covid, dropping into a lodge to warm up is a dicey proposition. We just booked the long President’s Day weekend up at Bolton Valley for ski-in/ski-out accommodations because we want to be able to warm up when we want on our own terms, boot up in warm comfort, and have a nice lunch in private.

Thanks! Fortunately I’m staying in a ski-in/ski-out condo, so I can pop back into my own room to warm up if necessary. I’m expecting it’s going to be necessary. :wink:

Slopefest Dopefest!

I had the honor to meet our own esteemed Doper snowthx and rock out a few runs. A really cool dude, a really good skier. Full effort to keep up, and never had to wait. Had a time! Kinda windy, but it was all good.

Only the second Doper I’ve met in the wild, and like the first, a quality human being that has made me better for knowing them.

Look forward to doing it again. I’ll bring better beer next time.

We were able to switch our reservations at Bolton Valley from Fri-Mon to Sat-Tue. Tomorrow, the high is supposed to be -3 at the base, -10 up high, wind chills off the chart. Instead we’ll ski Sun-Mon, and Mon should have fresh snow. Slopeside accommodations means we can dress in our rooms, stop in for lunch rather than a crowded lodge, etc.

On the flip side, apparently I cracked a rib last weekend skiing at Cannon. I’m going to be real careful out there this weekend, since the lift tickets are Indy Pass, I’m OK if I don’t ski too many runs. (My wife will ski all day. She loves me, but fresh snow …) The important part is being healthy for the Utah trip in Feb.

Dude, you shredded the moguls with the old-school 205s like a champ! Is your last name Moseley?? Had a great time today on the cruisers, especially Ridge Run. Looking forward to next trip to Heavenly! The beer was awesome!

Those were my shorties. Only 203’s.

Let’s see the Dynamic 227s! In Jasper AB after an epic drive. Got detoured onto a 100 mile snow packed logging road. Heading to Crescent Spur BC in an hour! Multiple opensnow alerts for the next week!

I’m staring at the Dynamics as I type this. Damn, like virgins, I hate to corrupt them, but they ain’t doing anybody any good in the corner. Them Look bindings are singing a sad song, too.

I’ll do it!

Mixed results this weekend.

The Bad:

  • Temps Sunday morning started at -17 but improved to just below 0 by noon. We enjoyed the skiing, but it was someone uncomfortable on the slow summit chair at BV
  • Snow came in Sunday night → Monday but it came with high winds. Most of northern VT was on wind hold all day, some ski areas just didn’t open. BV wasn’t going to open anything so with 5" of fresh snow we had to check out and leave. :frowning:
  • My new ski bindings are incompatible with my AT boots. Which is funny since my current bindings are nearly identical. But the manufacturer no longer indemnifies that combination.

The Good

  • I had no problem skiing on the broken rib. I started the day very cautions, sticking to the blues and greens. But as the day wore on I skied the few open blacks, went into the woods, and ended up on a few closed runs. :slight_smile:
  • Snow conditions weren’t bad, had some fun runs.
  • Since we left early (driving home in crappy weather) we had time to stop at a ski shop and buy me new Alpine boots that are much more comfortable than my AT boots and easier to get in and out of. My wife got new skis as well. We now have matching Head turny skis and matching Nordica powder skis.

It has not snowed out here in a couple weeks but the cold temps in the mountains have kept conditions pretty good, IMHO. Yesterday a fantastic day at Kirkwood; groomers-delight kind of day. Just doing laps on Cornice and Sunrise - several normally ungroomed runs were smooth and fast. Light crowd, cool temps, and mostly sunny - hoping for more days like yesterday - I need it!

@Telemark they keep reporting massive snow storms back east - is some of that getting up your way?

I went XC skiing Sunday – the recent 40F (and later cooling) made some of the conditions suboptimal, but they were still very ski-able.


Some decent snow out of this last storm, but in the 5-10" range. Jay reported more, but they always do. Either the Jay Cloud or poorly calibrated measuring sticks, your call. The woods are pretty slim pickings still, this will help but not enough.

Down near Boston where I live there’s no snow on the ground.