2021 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

About the closest I’ve ever come to sugar art in my own kitchen is when I use a die for pressing cookies that results in small openings, and the decorative sugar that lands there gets just hot enough in the oven to stick together. Crunchy!

Rumors of Tanya Roberts’ death have been greatly exaggerated… by her publicist!

What happens when someone un-dies? Has this happened before?

Not since Montgomery Burns in 1995, to the best of my recollection.

Moira Rose?

So Dung Beetle can cast resurrection spells. Good to know.

Double points when they die again.

We have an entire thread dedicated to the one I love the undead.

Holy crap! Somebody dig up RBG!

I dunno, but I’m not gonna get my un-dies in a bunch about it.

Tanya Roberts is dead again.

Whoever picked her better not get double points! :wink:

In other news, Franco is still dead.

Shoot, that’s goes back to 1975!!!???

Ninja’d by @biotep.

In the year 2385, either you’re going to lose or there’s going to be some kind of New Years Eve massacre and your picks are doomed…DOOMED!

According to her partner, she died from a urinary tract infection.

It must have pissed him off to lose his partner.

Eric Jerome Dickey, bestselling novelist, dead at 59.

That sucks. I read Chasing Destiny several years ago. Good book. Always meant to read more of his stuff, but never got around to it.

Yes, it had to really hurt; “like burning gasoline” is the feeling I got during my UTI.

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