2021 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool


Any one of those do it for you?

Neil Sheehan, Pentagon Papers reporter, Vietnam author, dies; he was 84.

Marion Ramsey, Officer Hooks from the Police Academy movies leaves 27 points to the ether. (This was mentioned in the themed pool thread, but not here.)

Albert Roux, owner of Britain’s first Michelin rated restaurant shuffles off this mortal coil at 85.

Legendary Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda has died at 93.

I had Tommy Lasorda. 7 points for me!

Two Toms on my main list and neither of them was Lasorda.

Last year I had a themed list of all Toms and Tommy Lasorda was on there. Of course he lived until I changed my list to women writers this year. Sorry to have taken away your immortality, Tommy. RIP.

Is that name real? I mean, seriously, how does that happen?

The guy who did my vasectomy’s last name was “Nutting.” And then there’s Randy Rainbow (real name!)

That’s his real name!?!

Yessireebob! He’s the son of Gerry Rainbow (né Ribner). So, his father changed his name, but, yep Randy was born “Randy Rainbow.”

I was expressing surprise not questioning you. Randy Rainbow was just one of those cases where I had assumed he was using a made-up name. I was similarly surprised by Tallulah Bankhead, Wolf Blitzer, Orlando Bloom, Brooklyn Decker, Leonardo DiCaprio, Megan Fox, Yo-Yo Ma, Thelonius Monk, Ryan Reynolds, and Frank Zappa - all people whose real names sound made up.

I know you weren’t. I was just confirming it.

Michael Apted, “7 Up” series director, is 79-down.

Now that you’ve brought it up, what was your vasectomy’s last name?

Hell, what was its first name? :upside_down_face:

Horikhowicz. They changed it at Ellis Island.

Five people had Lasorda.

1 RobotDevilDog 30 1 0
1 Team Dirt 30 1 0
3 Happy Lendervedder 22 1 0
3 phungi 22 1 0
5 Hal Briston 7 1 0
5 imthjckaz 7 1 0
5 madsircool 7 1 0
5 Mahaloth 7 1 0
5 ZeroOO 7 1 0

They should get a cream for that.

Yeah, that was awkwardly worded. Knew it when I wrote it, wrote it anyway. :grinning:

Thunderheart is one of my favorite movies.