2021 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

Floyd Cooper, acclaimed children’s illustrator, dead at 65.

Rich white supremacist William Regnery II dead, hope it hurt.

[obvious joke] Robby Steinhardt is dust in the wind [/obvious joke]


Renew! Renew!

Two more belated deaths I just heard about.

Melissa Sims-Hayes (aka adult film actress Dahlia Skye) died on June 30 at age 31. She was dying of cancer and committed suicide.

Anthony Estes (aka adult film actor Jake Adams) died on July 14 at age 29. He was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Harry Rosenfeld, editor of the Washington Post when Woodward and Bernstein exposed Watergate and were in regular communication with Mark Felt/Deep Throat, dead at 91 from Covid-19 complications

I think he must have reached the Point of Bow Return



Missed one from a few weeks ago.

Johnny Solinger, former singer of Skid Row dead at 55 from liver failure.

NY Jets coach Greg Knapp dies a few days after a tragic bicycle accident.

Jackie Mason has died at 93. Probably paywalled.

Here is a non-paywalled cite

RIP Mr. Mason; you done good.

I know Jackie Mason, I am afraid to say, from the Aardvark on the Pink Panther TV series. Which was not voiced by him but was an impression by John Byner. So… that’s a bit pathetic I admit.

He did play Krusty’s Dad on The Simpsons though.

A pretty funny guy. I love his analysis of “acquired taste” food. “Acquired means it is terrible. No one ever said pizza was an ‘acquired taste’. That’s because it’s great!”

Nobel prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg dies at 88.

John Byner actually voiced both the Ant and the Aardvark. The Ant was a Dean Martin impression. I remember the first time I saw Jackie Mason in something (which may have been as the gas station owner in “The Jerk”), my first thought was “Hey, he sounds like the Aardvark!”

Same here.

But if it’s any consolation to you, John Byner is still around, so at least we still have a functional backup copy.