2021 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

carnivorousplant isn’;t in either. It seems the number of players each year is going down. Last year we had 99, this year just 90.

So now the waiting begins. Who will get The Opening Kickoff award?

Did anyone pick Mark Eden? The English actor just died of natural causes at the age of 92.

A pointless death.

I mean, if someone was to do it…I wouldn’t have really cared that much, I guess. Yeah maybe it was a pointless request. :upside_down_face:

Am I winning yet?

So far we all are.

Woohoo! Equal first!

[Dr. Weird]
It begins!
[/Dr. Weird]

I’m going to see how you do this year, then determine if you’re worth poaching for 2022.


well, you gained one back that hadn’t played the last couple of years :slight_smile:

Two deaths from the world of sports:

Floyd Little, star running back for Syracuse and the Denver Broncos, died at age 78 on January 1. Little is enshrined in both the college and NFL halls of fame.

Paul Westphal, former NBA player and coach and member of the Naismith hall of fame, died on January 2 at age 70.

Ding, ding, ding!

First points of the year. Happy Lendervedder and phungi both had Floyd Little, who died yesterday. They will share the Opening Kickoff

But they won’t be in the lead. Two players also selected Paul Westphal, and he’s worth more points. He died today.

1 RobotDevilDog 30 1 0
2 Team Dirt 30 1 0
3 Happy Lendervedder 22 1 0
4 phungi 22 1 0

Second day of the year and I’ve already been knocked out of first place all the way down to fifth.

Those results should really look like this, missed the edit window.

1 RobotDevilDog 30 1 0
1 Team Dirt 30 1 0
3 Happy Lendervedder 22 1 0
3 phungi 22 1 0

You think that’s bad? Loach won last year, and this year he’s coming dead last (tied).

He hasn’t died yet, but there are reports Larry King, 87, has been hospitalized with COVID.

I hope he makes it. He’s a very high-risk patient.

You mean you didn’t pick him either?

Obviously not. Last place is the opposite of that. There is only dead-first.

Last year I got points on January 1 (David Stern). This year I had to wait all the way to January 2.

Should I be freaked out? :wink: