Celebrity Deathpool 2001

It’s Celebrity Deathpool 2001.

Unlike last year where I thought of this at the last minute, this year I’m giving a little lead time. You have until January 1 to post your picks.

Pretty much the same idea as last year but a few tweaks to the rules. Basically you’re guessing famous people who you think are going to die in the upcoming year.

1 - You get thirteen picks (We didn’t get enough dead celebrities last year, so I’m expanding the field). Anyone who posts more than thirteen picks will only have their first thirteen picks count towards point scoring and will be subject to general ridicule for their inability to count.
2 - Each pick you make who dies in the year 2001 gives you 100 points minus their age at death. If you pick someone who dies over the age of a hundred, you score zero points for them. If by chance, one of your picks dies before January 1, you can replace him or her with a new pick.
3 - All picks must be posted by the start of the new year.
4 - Celebrity status will be determined loosely. In case of
disagreement, a majority vote of the posters will be binding.
5 - Persons currently under sentence of capitol punishment will only be valid for scoring points if they die by means other than official execution.
6 - Any poster who kills or otherwise contributes to the death of any celebrity mentioned in this thread will be disqualified.
7 - You can’t pick fictional people. You can’t pick animals. You can’t pick multiple choices. You can’t pick people who are already dead. I know these rules sound ridiculous but all of them were tried last year.
8 - I’m crossposting this on the F3MB Jokes and Games forum and the SDMB MPSIMS forum. Even if you’re a member on both boards, you only get one set of thirteen picks but you can crosspost them on both boards.

So here are my thirteen choices:

Mohammad Ali
Walter Cronkite
Andy Dick
Snoop Dogg
Kirk Douglas
Robert Downey Jr
Betty Ford
Billy Graham
Pope John Paul II
Dudley Moore
Richard Pryor
Ronald Reagan
Anna Nicole Smith

Darryl Strawberry
Dick Cheney
Ronald Reagan
Boris Yeltsin
Johnny Cash
Katharine Hepburn
Annette Funicello
Robert Downey Jr.
Morton Downey Jr.
Nelson Mandela
The Queen Mum
Adam Sandler (obligatory SNL cast member!)
Sean “Puffy” Combs

[sup]Dude! This is GRIM! But, WTF…[/sup]

Ronald Reagan
Walter Cronkite
Sylvester Stallone
Andy Dick
Puff Daddy
Jennifer Lopez (they go together, in a hail of bullets)
Boris Yeltsin
The Pope
Dick Cheney
Hsu Chi (explodes in a burst of shear sexyiness)
Akira Fubuki (see above)
Mohammad Ali
Barbara Walters (killed by Andrew Dice Clay during a “Where are they now?” interview)

The Pope
Ted Kennedy (gotta have a Kennedy)
Elizabeth Taylor
Michael Jackson
Ronald Reagan
John Travolta
Carrol O’Connor
Carol Burnette
Bruce Willis
Marilyn Manson
Larry King

…I feel kinda weird posting that…

ok. here we go

  1. Ted Danza
  2. Jane Fonda
  3. Sean Connery
  4. Ronald Regan
  5. G Gordon Liddy
  6. Mohommed Ali
  7. Charles Manson
  8. WIlliam Shatner
  9. Johnny Carson
  10. Dick Clark
  11. Mick Jager
  12. Boris Yeltsin
  13. Walter Cronkite

Hey Drain the Queen mum us worth 0 points due to her ag(see rule #2) :slight_smile:
good call on Boris, and even if I did not put “puffy” on my list like you I can always hope!

Rosie O’Donnell
Strom Thurmond
Gerald Ford
Tom Green
Tony Danza
Queen Mum
Ronald Reagan
Rodney Dangerfield
Robert Downey Jr.
Paul Newman
Montel Williams
Tommy Lasorda

Wait, let me replace Strom and the Queen with…

Roger Ebert
Dick Cheney

Theesa people gonna die:
[ul][li]Arthur C. Clarke (it’d be cool, admit it)[/li][li]Pope John Paul II[/li][li]Elizabeth Taylor[/li][li]George Lucas[/li][li]David Spade[/li][li]Dick Cheney[/li][li]Boris Yeltsin[/li][li]Andy Rooney[/li][li]Calista Flockhart[/li][li]Yassir Arafat[/li][li]Ariel Sharon[/li][li]John Goodman[/li]James Garner[/ul]


Ronald Reagan
Margaret Thatcher
Roseanne Barr
Magic Johnson
George W. Bush
Martha Stewart
The Pope
Gerald Ford
Robert Downey Jr.
Strom Thurmond (gimmee - or maybe not!)
Gary Coleman (obligatory Diff’rent Strokes star in the news)
Prince Rainier
Greg Louganis (another athlete who’s been HIV+ forever)


Ahhh, something better than the stock market to dabble in.

Let me see… Got it! After some serious thought and consultation, I choose the following-

Annette Funichello
Buddy Ebsen
Evel Kneviel
Art Carney
Strom Thurmond
Johnny Cash
Milton Bearle
The Queen Mother
Jack Paar
Sid Ceasar
Dudley Moore
Kirk Douglas

As Osip pointed out, she’s over 100. You’ll get no points for her.

I can’t believe no one ahs mentioned Bob Hope…

Probably because he would only be worth two or three points.

I’m likely to revise this in the next month, but, for starters:

David Spade
George Bush (senior)
Vaclav Havel
James Iha
Anne Heche
Gerald Ford
Jerry Springer
Tommy Lasorda
Dr. Dre
David Brinkley
Eric Davis (baseball player)
Prince Michael Jackson (the King of Pop’s son)
… and …
Cecil Adams

I’m gonna feel so guilty if one of these people actually dies:

Dick Clark (world’s oldest teenager)
Ronald Reagan (former president)
Johnny Carson (TV host)
Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin (astronaut)
Roger Ebert (critic)
Fred Rogers (of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”)
Rodney Dangerfield (comic)
Estelle Getty (actress)
Doris Day (actress)
Merv Griffin (producer)
Woody Allen (director/writer/comic)
Shirley Temple Black (actress/stateswoman)
Kirk Douglas (actor/writer)

Is this a clever ploy to get points if either Tony Danza or Ted Danson buys the farm? I move to require you to demonstrate the existence of a famous “Ted Danza”. If no such person exists, I move to allow you to replace this pick with Ted Danson or Tony Danza, or eliminate your pick entirely without replacement (except by the death-before-January-1 rule, but only if you disambiguate before either dies.)

My picks:
[list=1][li]Kevin Nealon[/li][li]Gerald Ford[/li][li]Dick Cheney[/li][li]Bill Clinton[/li][li]Clint Eastwood[/li][li]Macauley Culkin[/li][li]aha (is he famous enough?)[/li][li]Britney Spears[/li][li]Susan Lucci[/li][li]Fred Durst (limp bizkit dude.)[/li][li]Garth Brooks[/li][li]John Travolta[/li]Jennifer Lopez

I do not think this is allowed. The rules clearly state:

I believe this is the exception that proves the rule (that you cannot change your picks after posting.)

I can see how reasonable people could interpret this as just reinforcing an already extant right of changing picks, though, so I think we need a ruling from Nemo.

I interpret the rules as stating the pool starts on 1 January 2001, not when I make my post. The “if they die before then” rule was just to cover that exact circumstance.

So, Little Nemo, what’s the scoop? Can I revise my list this month?

Okay, if you’ll let me, replace the Queen with Hunter Kelly–he’s the son of a celebrity and has made the news several times himself…owing to living VERY long with an EXTREMELY rare disease. :slight_smile:

And if you won’t let me, replace her with Layne Staley. :frowning:

Eggs à la Ted-

Thanks. I didn’t see that scoring rule in the instructions.

In fact, that’s the first time I’ve run accross this variation. I like it. It makes it more challenging.

So, because that changes things considerably, I’ve revised my list-

Buddy Ebsen
Art Carney
Strom Thurmond
The Queen Mother
Sid Ceasar
Milton Bearle
Boris Yeltsin
Don Knots
Peter Falk
John Goodman
Jim Nabors
Peggy Lee
Harry Morgan

Dudley Moore
Jack Paar
Johnny Cash
Evel Kneviel
Annette Funichello
Kirk Douglas