2022 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

Lawrence Brooks, who was both the oldest living American and the oldest American WWII veteran, has died at the age of 112.

Peter Bogdanovich has directed his last picture show. Age 82.

RIP Mr. Bogdanovich; you done good. Thanks.

Six days in and no one’s scored yet? Looks like we’ve got a defensive battle on our hands here people.

Please don’t go on the offense and start taking things into your own hand.

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Excellent work, and thoughtful as well! Nice job!

Just five years ago, in 2017, the Opening Kickoff wasn’t until January 15th. In 2010, it wasn’t until the 21st.

Luckily for me, I did all this work last year, so all I had to do just now was C&P! I didn’t even have to deal with the format change this time, since we were already in Discourse a year ago.

The AP has some excellent tributes/eulogies for MR. Bogdanovich:

Two years before that, I remember it well, a bunch of people celebrated an 18 point NYD.

18 Points, Opening Kick-Off, and current SDMB-CDP Leader: vivalostwages:

Rank Player Score Picks(Unique)
1 vivalostwages 18 1(1)

Sidney Poitier, dead at 94, putting Catamount, commasense, gkster, gwendee, teelabrown on the board:

Rank Player Score Picks(Unique)
1 vivalostwages 18 1(1)
2 Catamount 6 1
2 commasense 6 1
2 gkster 6 1
2 gwendee 6 1
2 teelabrown 6 1

Guess there will only be the three of us at dinner, then.

I can guess who’s not coming to dinner.

Bah, not points that I’m happy to earn. I loved Sidney Poitier. But he was no spring chicken.

Ditto! It was strange to hear of Poitier’s death and think “oh no poor guy! / I’m scoring points…”

I’ve lurked on the past 2 years’ threads but never played until this year. It doesn’t feel great to have the beginner’s luck of getting points in the first week with Poitier, but there probably aren’t many players who pick only celebrities they don’t like?

Did you call? What do you want?

My choices could easily be called a Wish List!

Lani Guinier, Harvard Law professor, civil rights advocate, and lightning rod for the Clinton administration, pleads her last case at age 71.