The Celebrity Death Pool 2006

It’s time once again for the sickest thread on the board – the Celebrity Death Pool 2006!

The Rules:

1. You pick 13 celebrities whom you predict will die within the calendar year 2006. If any of your celebrities dies, you score 100 points minus their age at death. Whoever has the most points at the end of the year wins the undying admiration of the SDMB. :smiley:

2. All picks must be time- and date-stamped by midnight Chicago time, Dec. 31st, 2005. (That’s U.S. Central time, which is six hours behind Greenwich.)

3. Valid picks must not be:

a. already dead
b. a fictional character
c. non-human
d. under age 18 at death
e. a registered member of the SDMB, 'cause that would be weird.
f. political prisoners, 'cause we’re macabre but not THAT macabre. This applies only to, well, “civilian,” unknown individuals, such as hostages. Someone like Saddam Hussein might be considered a political prisoner but he’s fair game.

4. You can pick people who are age 100 or more but you won’t score points for them. See the “Quantity Not Quality” award, below.

5. If we are uncertain about the celebrity’s age at death, we will go by the higher age (lower score).

6. Your picks must specify a name: listing “anybody from [the cast of your most hated TV show or boy band]” as a pick will be ignored.

7. Persons under sentence of death will be valid for scoring points only if they die by means other than official execution.

8. Any poster who kills or otherwise contributes to the death of any celebrity mentioned in this thread is disqualified. It’s just a game, people. The only exceptions to this rule would be deaths caused by those posters serving as members of the police or armed forces of any country, in the line of duty.

9. Editing your choices: be careful! You can make changes to your list before the end of the year, but it has to be clear which names are your final choices. If any of your picks dies before the end of the year, you may submit a substitute by 12-31-2005. If you do not submit a name, I will submit the rest. You can have no more than 13 picks. If you pick more than 13, or if any of your picks is otherwise invalid, I may ask for clarification; otherwise I will submit the first 13 valid names on your list. Do me a favor: check twice, post once.

We have no rule about submissions having to be unique, despite claims of “copying” anyone else’s list. Sharing news of celebrities in ill health and whatnot are up to individual posters.

We have no rule about valid SDMB memberships (disqualifying members who have been banned).

We have no rule about what constitutes “celebrity,” because it makes our heads hurt to think about this.

Spelling counts! Please try to spell celebrities’ names correctly.

Some celebrities have common names or similar names. It is helpful to be specific.

Additional awards:

The “Quantity Not Quality” Award: to be awarded to the poster or posters who pick the greatest number of celebrities who died, regardless of their actual point value.

The “Inside Track with the Grim Reaper” Award: to be awarded to the poster or posters who pick a celebrity that no one else picked.

The “Opening Kickoff” Award: to be awarded to the poster or posters who pick the first listed celebrity to die in 2006.

The “Final Hours” Award: to be awarded to the poster or posters who pick the last listed celebrity to die in 2006.

My thanks to Little Nemo who created this perennial thread and its rules, which I am essentially copying.

Woo Hoo!! Death Time Again. I’m not known for my patience so here’s my list. This is mostly cut-n-paste from my list last year.

  1. Courtney Love
  2. Richard Pryor
  3. Elizabeth Taylor
  4. Gerald Ford
  5. Lady Bird Johnson
  6. Estelle Getty
  7. Muhammad Ali
  8. Shelley Winters
  9. Tammy Faye Bakker Resner
  10. Billy Graham
  11. Annette Funicello
  12. Stephen Hawking

and last, but not least… because she’s due…

  1. Eunice Kennedy Shriver
  1. Abe Vigoda (he’s gotta go eventually)
  2. Nancy Reagan
  3. James Arness
  4. Pope Benedict XVI
  5. Sid Caeser
  6. Ted Kennedy
  7. Bob Dole
  8. Ozzy Osbourne
  9. Joey Bishop
  10. Mikhail Gorbachev
  11. Corey Feldman
  12. Arthur C. Clarke
  13. Stephen King
  1. Sharon Osbourne
  2. Steve-O
  3. Stan Lee
  4. Mel Brooks
  5. Carl Reiner
  6. Magic Johnson
  7. Liz Taylor
  8. Dave Chappelle
  9. Don Knotts
  10. Ariel Sharon
  11. Kim Jong-Il
  12. Jiang Zemin
  13. Fidel Castro

Oh myyyy, been waiting for this thread ALL YEAR.
Okay okay okay…here we go:
1. BILL KEANE. Family Circus cartoonist. I mean, I love the FC but this guy has GOT to go soon.
Same with:
2. Don Knotts. Talk about lasting for a long time. :slight_smile:
3. Richard Pryor. Great comedian…but you know when your latest special is called “I ain’t dead yet” that your numbers coming pretty soon.
4. Louis Gossett Jr. Again, another person I pick every year and always seems to hang in there. I saw him a movie a couple years ago and mannn, he looked pretty old. Can’t see him living much longer.
5. Betty White. (although I hope not)
6. Gerald Ford. Still hanging in there. He’s like the “Bob Hope” of presidents.
7. Jerry Lewis. Although his Telethon will never die.
speaking of which 8. Jerry LEE Lewis.
9. Elizabeth Taylor
10. Jack Klugman
11. Mickey Rooney
12. B.B King
13. Ashanti Gotta have a random youngin’ singer in there!

Woo hoo, I’m in! I got here too late for the last one! Okay, here goes nuthin’. (No, seriously, I got dibs on the Last Death Pool Virgin Award)
1. Tammy F. B. Messner
2. Muhammad Ali
3. Charlton Heston
4. Mrs. Christopher Reeve
5. Kevin Federline
6. Don Knotts
7. Gerald Ford
8. Billy Graham
9. Saddam Hussein
10. Courtney Love
11. Kate Moss
12. Abe Vigoda
13. Lady Bird Johnson


Bob Dole
Ted Kennedy



That’s all I gots to day about DP2006!

Thanks A8765309!

Count me in:

Mickey Rooney
Mickey Dolenz
Larry Storch
Sophia Loren
Al Lewis
Adam West

Courtney Love (terminal cooties)
Neil Young
James Brown (I can’t believe he’s not dead yet)
Arthur C. Clarke
Kurt Vonnegut

Kim Jong-Il (although the world won’t learn of his death till 2016)
Augusto Pinochet

Charlie Watts

Norman Mailer

Sparky Anderson

Bob Dylan

Julie Andrews

Hugh Hefner

Frank Gifford

Barbara Feldon

Bill Russell (basketball)

Merle Haggard

Rosalyn Carter

James Earl Jones

Michael Buble

(1) Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
(2) Johnny Hart
(3) Morley Safer
(4) Andrew Sullivan
(5) Loretta Lynn
(6) Hosni Mubarak
(7) Dick Cheney
(8) Sandra Day O’Connor
(9) Michael Jackson
(10) J. K. Rowling
(11) Salman Rushdie
(12) Jennifer Lopez
(13) Stephen Hawking

Thank you, a35362 for taking this on again. We’re grateful.

Been waiting all year for this one! Now, where’d I put that list I’ve been keeping for months…

  1. Richard Pryor
  2. Elizabeth Taylor
  3. Nancy Reagan
  4. Phyllis Diller
  5. Queen Elizabeth II
  6. Sophia Loren
  7. Ted Turner
  8. Margaret Thatcher
  9. Augusto Pinochet
  10. Bea Arthur
  11. John Neville (Baron Von Munchausen)
  12. Kirk Douglas
  13. Mel Brooks

I have to pick 13?

While I am totally sure about Billy Graham since he announced the official end to crusading, I also want to add Oral Roberts. His wife died this past year & I think he’s retired from ministry so he’s probably biding his time.

  1. James Brown
  2. Jimmy Carter
  3. Courtney Love
  4. Fidel Castro
  5. Shane McGowan
  6. Hugh Hefner
  7. Rip Taylor
  8. Bam Margera
  9. Mel Brooks
  10. Al Lewis
  11. Saddam Hussein
  12. Bea Arthur
  13. Tom Bosley

1. Iva Toguri (“Tokyo Rose”)
2. Ray Anthony (Trumpeter, band leader)
3. Eugene McCarthy (US Senator)
4. Laraine Day (Actress)
5. Sammy Baugh (Football)
6. Alexander Solzhynitzen (Prisoner)
7. Sunny von Bulow (Victim)
8. Frankie Laine (Singer)
9. Bob Feller (Baseball)
10. Ted Lindsay (Hockey)
11. Patti Page (Singer)
12. Curt Gowdy (Sportscaster)
13. Byron Nelson (Golfer)

  1. Fidel Castro
  2. Abe Vigoda
  3. John Forsythe (“Charlie’s Angels”)
  4. Al Molinaro (“Odd Couple,” “Happy Days”)
  5. Jackie Cooper (child actor & “Little Rascal”)
  6. Harry Morgan (“MASH”)
  7. Gerald R. Ford
  8. Edward “Ted” Heath (former UK PM)
  9. E. Howard Hunt (Watergate co-conspirator)
  10. Walter Cronkite
  11. June Foray (voice of “Rocky the Squirrel,” amongst others)
  12. Gordon Lightfoot
  13. Ernest Borgnine

Already gone.

Gah! This is what I get for cutting-and-pasting 2005’s list! (Which means I scored some points this year, at least…)

All right; revised list:

  1. Fidel Castro
  2. Abe Vigoda
  3. John Forsythe (“Charlie’s Angels”)
  4. Al Molinaro (“Odd Couple,” “Happy Days”)
  5. Jackie Cooper (child actor & “Little Rascal”)
  6. Harry Morgan (“MASH”)
  7. Gerald R. Ford
  8. Don Pardo (NBC announcer)
  9. E. Howard Hunt (Watergate co-conspirator)
  10. Walter Cronkite
  11. June Foray (voice of “Rocky the Squirrel,” amongst others)
  12. Gordon Lightfoot
  13. Les Paul (electric guitar legend)
  1. Muhammed Ali
  2. Eddie Van Halen
  3. Margaret Thatcher
  4. Angela Lansbury
  5. Pat Riley
  6. Clu Gulager
  7. Jack Palance
  8. Joe Piscopo
  9. Andy Griffith
  10. James Garner
  11. Joe Don Baker
  12. Kurt Angle (former WWF champion & Olympic gold medalist)
  13. Boris Yeltsin

A few holdovers from the 2005 edition, with some new names.

My first death pool - Yee-hah!

  1. Muhammad Ali
  2. Margaret Thatcher
  3. Stephen Hawking
  4. Arthur C Clarke
  5. Bob Dylan
  6. Ray Harryhausen
  7. June Whitfield
  8. Michael Jackson
  9. Alan Bennett (The author of **‘The Madness of George III’ ** not any other celeb named Alan Bennett)
  10. Keith Richard
  11. Ex-President James Carter
  12. Nelson Mandela
  13. Tony Benn