2021 SDMB Celebrity Death Pool

You mean you didn’t pick him either?

Obviously not. Last place is the opposite of that. There is only dead-first.

Last year I got points on January 1 (David Stern). This year I had to wait all the way to January 2.

Should I be freaked out? :wink:

I’m continuing my annual tradition of planning to post a list, procrastinating, and then looking on in frustration once I sit bored on New Years day checking in on the Dope and realizing I have 364 days to wait before I can repeat the process

Tell me what your picks were and I can see what you would have won, on not won. Send a PM.

Here (I hope) are links to all the Death Pool threads. The switch to Discourse changed the thread link formatting, so I’m hoping I made the proper changes:

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I think your list should note that the 2017 list was taken up by phungi after that particular thing happened with Idle Thoughts.

“Ferry Across the River Styx”
Merseybeat legend and leader of Gerry and the Pacemakers Gerry Marsden dead at 78 after a short illness.

Pacemaker stop working?

Hey, someone had to say it.

Mick Bolton, keyboardist for Mott The Hoople and Dexy’s Midnight Runners, reportedly dead at 72

TMZ: Bond Girl & ‘That 70’s Show’ Star Tanya Roberts Dead at 65

Kerry Vincent, sugar artist and Food Network judge, is dead at 75.


Director Joan Miklin Silver, 85

Alexi Laiho, founder, lead guitarist and vocalist of the metal band Children of Bodom dead at 41.

Jeepers. We’re only three days in and it’s already a bloodbath!

He died in 2020 tho:

All the dead dudes. :laughing:

Aw, not Midge!

Sugar artist is a thing?

Ask, um, Baker