The Celebrity Death Pool 2013

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!“

Well, here we go for 2013! I’m Baker, your Death Mistress, with the power of life and death over the choices made here. Nothing much has really changed with the rules, but it never hurts to list them all again.

The Rules:

  1. You pick 13 celebrities (that’s thirteen, not ten) whom you predict will die within the calendar year 2013. If any of your celebrities dies, you score 100 points minus their age at death. Whoever has the most points at the end of the year wins the undying snort admiration of the SDMB.

  2. All picks must be time- and date-stamped by midnight Chicago time, Dec. 31st, 2012. (That’s U.S. Central time, which is six hours behind Greenwich.)

  3. Valid picks are not:

a. already dead
b. a fictional character
c. non-human
d. under age 18 at death
e. a registered member of the SDMB, 'cause that would be weird
f. political prisoners, 'cause we’re macabre but not THAT macabre.
g. famous solely as a result of their illness or associated actions/events.

  1. You can pick people who are 100 or more years old but you won’t score points for them. See the “Quantity Not Quality” award, below.

  2. If we are uncertain about the celebrity’s age at death, we will go by the higher age (lower score).

  3. Your picks must specify a name: listing “anybody from [the cast of your most hated TV show or boy band]” as a pick will be ignored.

  4. Persons under sentence of death will be valid for scoring points only if they die by means other than official execution.

  5. Any poster who kills or otherwise contributes to the death of any celebrity mentioned in this thread is disqualified. It’s just a game, people. The only exceptions to this rule would be deaths caused by those posters serving as members of the police or armed forces of any country, in the line of duty.

  6. Editing your choices: be careful! You can make changes to your list before the end of the year, but it has to be clear which names are your final choices. You may submit one or more “alternates” with your list in the event that one of your picks dies during December 2012, or submit an alternate after the death of the original pick, as long as this is posted by Dec 31, 2012. If you do not submit a new name, I will submit the remaining twelve… You may have no more than 13 picks. If you pick more than 13, or if any of your picks is otherwise invalid, I may ask for clarification. Otherwise, I will submit the first 13 names on your list. Do me a favor: check twice, post once.

We have no rule about submitted lists having to be unique, despite claims of “copying” anyone else’s list. We will just turn up our noses at you if you do this. Sharing news of celebrities in ill health and whatnot is up to individual posters.

We have no rule about valid SDMB memberships (disqualifying members who have been banned). If you submit a list and then change your username at some point, please post this news on the thread so I know who you are.

We have no rule about what constitutes “celebrity,” because it makes our heads hurt to think about this. HOWEVER, if you DO have a question about whether or not someone’s choice qualifies, please, I’d prefer a PM about it to start off with, rather than thrashing it out in public and possibly causing resentment. Remember, it’s only a game!

Some celebrities have common, identical or similar names. It is helpful to be specific.

Spelling counts! Please try to spell celebrities’ names correctly. Names that weren’t originally spelled in English can be tricky, I know, but if you aren’t sure of a name, try looking at what a major news outlet, like CNN or the BBC, uses.

Additional awards:

The “Quantity Not Quality” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who pick the greatest number of celebrities who died, regardless of their actual point value.

The “Inside Track With the Grim Reaper” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who had the most unique picks that died.

The “Opening Kickoff” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who pick the first listed celebrity to die in 2013.

The “Final Hours” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who pick the last listed celebrity to die in 2013.

The “Robbing the Cradle” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who pick the youngest celebrity to die in 2013, but see rule 3.d.

List Format:

There is a spreadsheet that allows me to post updated standings quickly and produce various other statistics. The pain is “loading” the data into the sheet. I can do each list in a single cut and paste if you use the following format and guidelines: present a plain, unnumbered list that contains just the celebrities’ most commonly used names (e.g. use “Al Gore”, not “Albert Gore”), correctly spelled. If anyone is known by initials, include a period and a space after each. And please observe, what I, Baker, refer to as the “Pope” rule, a variation on “the most commonly used name” rule. If a person is known primarily by a titled name, use that. So it wouldn’t be Joseph Ratzinger, it would be Pope Benedict XVI. And don’t put down Elizabeth Windsor, put down Queen Elizabeth II. For all I know there are other celebrities with the plain names. If you do pick Joe or Lizzy, under their lesser known names, I might not notice it, to give you those points if and when they shuffle off this mortal coil.

An example of a plain list follows here:

O. J. Simpson
Ronnie Biggs
Fidel Castro
George W. Bush
Muhammad Ali
Lindsay Lohan
Fred Phelps
Abe Vigoda
Kirk Douglas
Clint Eastwood
Ariel Sharon
Dick Cheney
Bill Gates

However, I know that many of you like to include commentary within your lists, such as:

O.J. Simpson(we can only hope)
Fidel (I’m not dead yet!) Castro
Fred Phelps, hatemonger

That is fine - it adds to the entertainment. But if you do that, please also include the list again in plain format for me to copy & paste.

Have fun, sickos. Oh, and just to be trendy “May the odds be ever in your favor!”

Of course, seeing as I volunteered to do this for another year, what does that say about me? (Where am I going, and why am I in this handbasket?)

As was the case for my 2012 list, and will be for my 2014, and more than likely my 2015, this list has been pre-recorded. Well, you know what I mean.

Death Pool 2013 Game Night!

Shuffle up and Nathan Deal your Orson Scott Cards and hope you don’t draw a Dustin Diamond, David Spade, Melissa Joan Hart and Neil Diamond rainbow. Instead, try for the **Ace Frehely, Larry King, Queen Latifah, and Jack Black [That’s Black,Jack to you] ** court cards.

After cards, place your last Bette Midler on a roll of your Andrew Dice Clay.

If you crapped out, well then you can always enjoy the

All you can can eat Jimmy Buffet.

Nathan Deal - Governor of Georgia
Orson Scott Card - Science Fiction Author
Dustin Diamond - “Screech”
David Spade - Actor / Comedian
Melissa Joan Hart - Clarissa Explains it all / Melissa and Joey
Neil Diamond - Musician
Ace Frehely - KISS
Larry King - Suspender Magnate
Queen Latifah - Actress
Jack Black - Actor
Bette Midler - Singer / Actress
Andrew Dice Clay - The Diceman
Jimmy Buffet - Covered in Oil
Chris Moneymaker - Professional Poker Player
Steven Club - actor no one has heard of from young and the restless (kept in for the obvious reason, left out of contention because I have no way to confirm his livingness.)
Stephen King - Author, playing second banana to the more than likely of the two to kick it.

Nathan Deal
Orson Scott Card
Dustin Diamond
David Spade
Melissa Joan Hart
Neil Diamond
Ace Frehely
Larry King
Queen Latifah
Jack Black
Bette Midler
Andrew Dice Clay
Jimmy Buffet
Chris Moneymaker
Steven Club
Stephen King

Aaaaaaand I get to point out that the first poster has selected sixteen choices! Are the last three alternates?

No award for doing a themed list? Oh well… I’m doing one anyway, I’m doing authors.
Gabriel García Marquez
Ursula LeGuin
Philip Roth
George R R Martin
Terry Pratchett
Chuck Palahniuk
Orson Scott Card
Gunter Grass
Stephen King
Maya Angelou
Toni Morrison
Doris Lessing
Beverly Cleary

Reposting this for anyone who missed it last year.

There will be a theme award, but be sure to say whether or not your list is themed.

Last year, they ask for a list without numbers.

And what do I get from them this year?
mumble mumble mumble.

Oh well, there is always 2014.

Sick celebrities destined to kick the Grim Reaper in the balls for another year:

Tommy Iommi
Bonnie Franklin
Macauley Culkin
Mari Hulman George
Van Cliburn
Mike Ditka
George Wendt
Marcia Strassman
Hugo Chavez
Judy Blume
Chuck Pagano
Tracy Nelson


Roger Ebert
Don Imus
Michael Douglas
Note to the Death Mistress: Gallagher is the original Sledge-o-matic guy. If you want me to resubmit him with his given first name added, I will.

Why the heck not! swampbear’s annual list of celebrity immortals… ::drumroll::

David Hasselhoff
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Mohammed Ali
Michael Douglas
Penny Marshall
Courtney Love
Charlie Sheen
Pamela Anderson
Lady Gaga
Mary Tyler Moore
Lindsay Lohan
Missy Eliot
Toni Braxton

Billy Joel
Robin Williams
Michael Fox

Since my best score ever came from my “Bandwagon” list, I’ll be doing that again this year.

First time player here

George H.W. Bush (former US president)
Glen Campbell (singer)
Fidel Castro (ex-president of Cuba)
Hugo Chavez (president of Venezuela)
Michael Douglas (actor)
Roger Ebert (film critic)
Bonnie Franklin (actress)
Zsa Zsa Gabor (actress)
Billy Graham (evangelist)
Jerry Lewis (actor/comic)
Lindsay Lohan (actress)
Nelson Mandela (South African politician)
Betty White (actress)

Plain list:
George H.W. Bush
Glen Campbell
Fidel Castro
Hugo Chavez
Michael Douglas
Roger Ebert
Bonnie Franklin
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Billy Graham
Jerry Lewis
Lindsay Lohan
Nelson Mandela
Betty White

Brand new to this, 1st post :slight_smile:

Macauley culkin
David bowie
Judy blume
Aretha franklin
Meat loaf
Jonathan Rhys-Myers
Margaret Thatcher
Peaches Geldof
Pamela anderson
Randy travis

Ian Brady
Lisa Robin Kelly
Pete Doherty

Unless you add in your alternates, you ain’t got enough. RTFR.

My apologies, Caz.

Wow, the year flies by when I think about these threads. I can’t believe it is time again.

Is it Jonathan Rhys-Meyers or Myers? I’ve seen it both ways, here and elsewhere.

Well, I won’t have too much trouble either way, because I alphabetize starting with the first name.

I’ll tell you the one I have to look out for, and I imagine you remember this too.

It’s Muhammed Ali, not Mohammed Ali. So I have to double check when I’m counting selections.

oops, sorry! Knew I’d make a mess of my first post :slight_smile:
Macauley culkin
David bowie
Judy blume
Aretha franklin
Meat loaf
Jonathan Rhys-Myers
Margaret Thatcher
Peaches Geldof
Pamela anderson
Randy travis
Ian Brady
Lisa Robin Kelly
Pete Doherty

Liza Minnelli
Charlie sheen
lindsay lohan

My 2013 Entry

George H.W. Bush
Barbara Bush (H.W.'s wife)
Fidel Castro
Jerry Sandusky (he was a well known coach b4 the scandal)
Harper Lee
Stan Musial
Dick Cheney
Chuck Bednarik
Bobby Doerr
Milt Schmidt
Pope Benedict XVI
Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Nancy Reagan

Question about Sandusky-We get points if he’s shivved in prison, right?