Celebrity Death Pool 2017

Hiya, I’m Idle Thoughts and I took over for Baker starting this year. I thank her heartily for running it all those years, as should you.
I doubt very many will be new to this game, but just in case you are, I’ve written out the rules below. Also, since I’m the new host of this, I have made a few changes. I will put these changes in bold.

Here is the thread for 2016’s game, by the way.
The Rules:

  1. You pick 13 celebrities that you predict will die in the year 2017. If any of your celebrities dies, you score 100 points minus their age at death. Whoever has the most points at the end of the year…wins. It’s just that simple.
  2. All picks must be made by December 31st, 2016, at 11:59PM, MOUNTAIN TIME. I don’t care who you are or what your reason is, if you are even ONE MINUTE late, at midnight of Jan 1st, you will be turned away, I’m sorry.
  3. Valid picks CANNOT be:
    a. already dead
    b. already over 100
    c. fictional
    d. non-human
    e. under age 18
    f. a registered member of the SDMB
    g. hostages held by terrorist organizations
    h. famous solely as a result of their illness or the events surrounding their death
    If you have any questions about who is or is not a celebrity, feel free to PM me.
  4. If we are uncertain about the celebrity’s age at death, we will go by the higher age (lower score).
  5. Prisoners held on death row count only if they die by means other than official execution.
  6. If you kill anyone on your list to try to get ahead or cheat, then you’re automatically disqualified.
  7. Editing your choices: You can change the people on your list as many times as you wish before the deadline above, just make sure that your FINAL list is known, otherwise I’m going to take the first 13 of yours I see listed.

Sharing news of celebrities in ill health and whatnot is up to individual posters.

If a player changes their username at some point, post this news on the thread, or PM me, so I know who you are.
I’M HUMAN, I MAKE MISTAKES. I’m also very bad at math. This includes SIMPLE math, so if I have made a mistake, please tell me via PM.

**I will probably update the thread with scores once or twice a week.

I’ve decided to keep the awards, because they’re always fun…so they are:

The “Opening Kickoff” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who pick the first listed celebrity to die in 2017.

The "Quantity Not Quality*" Award*: awarded to the poster or posters who pick the greatest number of celebrities who died, regardless of their actual point value.

The “Inside Track With the Grim Reaper” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who had the most unique picks that died.

The “Robbing the Cradle” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who pick the youngest celebrity to die in 2017, but see rule 3.d.

The “Final Hours” Award: awarded to the poster or posters who pick the last listed celebrity to die in 2017.

And THE NEWEST ONE, added by yours truly: The Best Themed List Award: Awarded to the funniest themed list as voted on by…let’s say…me!
Example of a submitted list

Oogie Boogie
Pat Edited
Lynn Notsame
Jerry Different
Unique Huelskamp
Mike Ellen
Ellen Kevin
Kevin Derek
Homer “You Thought I Was Gonna Name Him Derek Didn’t You” Smith
Bob Roberson
Jeff Somethingorother (and it even says so on his birth certificate)
Ron Changes
Ken Changing

However, if you want to add commentary, like below–it’s fine, just clean up the list after by posting it a second time.

Abe Vigota (I think he’s still alive, right?)
Fidel (I’m FINALLY freaking dead!) Castro
Donald Trump (I can wish)


**Most things will be kept the same. However ONE major change I’m implementing is a change in how score will be kept. I’m going back to the roots of it. How it was originally done. With as simple a score as possible. This means I will display the poster’s name, their place, and their score only…and that’s it. All as it should be.

If two people have a score of 87 and everyone else has 0, those two are TIED AT FIRST. If one has 87, two have 78, and everyone else zero, then those two are TIED AT SECOND.
You don’t like this way of scoring? Well, I’m very sorry. Cover your eyes, then, whenever it’s posted. If that small of a change is seriously going to bother you so much that you can’t bear it…you’re probably better off not playing at all.
…but that’s the way the scores were originally kept and that’s the way I will be doing it. I’m sorry to anyone who is really upset over this.**
And that’s about it…If anyone has any questions at all, PM me and I will get back to you ASAP.

Have fun, everyone. Good luck!


On those special awards, you do mean 2017, not 2016, right?

I guess I’ll have to deal with the changes in how scores are ranked, I don’t like it but it’s your game now.

Can someone pick someone who is exactly 100? If the celebrity dies at age 101 does the contestant get 0 points?

Just a spectator, but wants the rules to be clear

Just to get it over with I am going to post my list now. Since I finally had one celebrity to kick the bucket after years and years of no points, I am replacing him with one of my alternates. So, here goes…

David Hasselhoff
Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Michael Douglas
Penny Marshall
Courtney Love
Charlie Sheen
Pamela Anderson
Lady Gaga
Mary Tyler Moore
Lindsay Lohan
Miley Cyrus
Toni Braxton
Billy Joel

Alex Trebec
Michael Fox

And you get the First Posted List Award 2017. Congratulations!

Thanks for taking on the job, Idle!

Can I get the First to Suck Up to the New Deathmaster award? :slight_smile:

Harlan Ellison
Meat Loaf
Jimmy Carter
Rosalynn Carter
The Amazing Johnathan
Pat Boone
Pat Robertson
Kirk Douglas
John Rhys-Davies
Hal Holbrook
Donald Trump
Larry Flint
James Randi

In case of Apocalypse, does the person with the lowest total in ages automatically win? If so, I’ve got an alternate list of 18 year old celebrities ready to post.

Tom Berenger
Shane MacGowan
Al Jourgensen
Justin Bieber
Russel Crowe
Mel Gibson
Steve Bannon
Bashar al-Assad
Bill Clinton
Mickey Rourke
Bill Cosby
Donald Trump
Dennis Rodman

Dick Cheney
Joe Biden

I’m doubling down on last years list with just a couple changes even though I should go with my favorite musicians judging by 2016. Most are household names but these two:

Shane MacGowan-singer for the Pogues
Al Jourgensen-singer for Ministry

Too late to edit: For alternates, The Olsen Twins.

I know you are wanting to keep the scoring simple, but would you consider having a rule for a tiebreaker for first place? Number of deaths, or number of unique deaths, or youngest death, or some such?

Or a Deathmatch!

You guys are wasting your picks. Donald Trump is not going to die next year.

When I removed Fidel Castro from my list, he died. Same thing happened when I removed Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse. So…I am not gonna make too many changes to my next list.
Sumner Redstone
Kirk Douglas
Charlie Sheen
Karl Rove
Dick Cheney
Jimmy Carter
Hal Holbrook
Ginger Baker
George H.W. Bush
Frances Sternhagen
Shelley Duvall
Paul Dooley
Val Kilmer

Yeah, I meant 2017, sorry. I forgot to change those dates. :smack:

Yes and yes, although since it would result in 0 points, I’m not sure why the person would want to pick them, heh.

Yes, although I’m not sure I remember any ties for first ever happening before. Seems like a long shot, but if there is, uh, whoever got to that high score FIRST is the winner.

Clint Eastwood
Kirk Douglas
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Jimmy Carter
George HW Bush
Dick Cheney
Glen Campbell
Betty White
Bob Barker
Kylie Jenner
Dan Rather
Dennis Hastert
Charlie Sheen

Bill Clinton
Caitlyn Jenner

What are you afraid of? Going to Hell?

Carrot Top
John Goodman
Ozzy Osbourne
Elton John
Chuck Yeager
Buzz Aldrin
Keith Richards
Charlie Watts
Carlos Santana
Jean Chretien
John Turner (Also former Canadian PM)
Alec Baldwin
Kanye West

Why are people submitting alternates? I see nothing about that in the rules (or maybe I just didn’t read clearly enough?).

I decided to jump in early this year and get my list on the front page. I’m pretty much just re-using last year’s picks.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
George H.W. Bush
Amanda Bynes
Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter
Tommy Chong
Shannon Doherty
Leo Gallagher
Steve Gleason
Hugh Hefner
Val Kilmer
Hosni Mubarak
Thien “Tila Tequila” Nguyen
Jerry Sandusky

Kirk Douglas
Jimmy Carter

You don’t have to pick alternates. People do it in case one of their picks dies before 2017 (or is ruled ineligible).