Celebrity Death Pool 2017

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Michael Douglas
Donald Trump
Bill Clinton
Kathy Bates
Amanda Bynes
Angelina Jolie
Michael J. Fox
Sylvester Stallone
Peter Dinklage
Kesha “Ke$ha” Sebert
Owen Wilson
Conor MacGregor
Jim Carrey

Bill Cosby
Ned Beatty
Margaret O’Brien
Ridley Scott
Morgan Freeman
Marlo Thomas
Linda Lavin
Tommy Smothers
Vanessa Redgrave
Billy Dee Williams
Sally Kellerman
Boris Spassky
Loretta Swit

Dyan Cannon
Trini Lopez

They all turn 80 in 2017.

The thing is it’s fairly likely that if two people have a tie score, it’s because they picked the same people.

Let’s say two people decided to pick all three Olsen sisters and they all die. Both people will score 213 points and neither will have done it first.

You might consider a second-level tie breaker: if two people are tied for high score and have the same picks, the one who posted their list first wins the tie.

That’s a good one too. I’l go with that. Thank you, Little Nemo, for that great suggestion.
For it, I award you [del]one bonus pre-point for this game[/del]…Hah, just kidding. Don’t worry, I’m not going to start abusing my DeathMaster powers already. I award you: My sincere thanks.

Gord Downie
Tommy Chong
Leah Bracknell
Tom Brokaw
AA Gill
Jill Gascoine
Jim McMahon
Goldie Hawn
Colin Butts
Kanye West
Valerie Harper
Steve Gleason
Fernando Ricksen

Descriptive list:
Gord Downie, Canadian musician
Tommy Chong, American comedian
Leah Bracknell, British actress
Tom Brokaw, American journalist
AA Gill, British writer
Jill Gascoine, British actress
Jim McMahon, American athlete
Goldie Hawn, American actress
Colin Butts, British author
Kanye West, American musician
Valerie Harper, American actress
Steve Gleason, American athlete
Fernando Ricksen, Dutch athlete


  1. Amanda Bynes
  2. Charles Bradley
  3. Coretta Scott King

Are they still accepted?

My first year playing!

This list is simply a list of celebs that I know are old and / or sick. I’m not good at “themed” lists, but if I play next year I’ll try to come up with something better.

Joseph Razinger
John Hurt
Buzz Aldrin
Glen Campbell
Jimmy Carter
George H. W. Bush
Betty White
Ken Watanabe
John McVie
Barry Corbin
Geoffrey Palmer
Bob Dole
Stephen Hawking
And in case one a couple kick the bucket 'twixt now and Dec 31, my alternates are:

Sean Connery
Kate Moss

I’m not looking forward to reading any of these obits. It remains to be seen how prophetic I am since I have no history to use as a benchmark.

Can I remove Baker and replace him with Buzz Aldrin?

I’ve played on a few similar sites before, I’ll give this a try:
Sasha Lakovic
Leah Bracknell
Piers Sellers
Colin Meads
Carsten Mohren
Marieke Vervoort
Gord Downie
John J. Benoit
A A Gill
Errol Christie
Stefán Karl Stefánsson
John Bain
Peter Skellern

Subs (in this order):
Kassie DePaiva
Nobby Stiles
Bart Starr

Which Joseph Razinger?

Good Lord, how many Joseph Razingers are there?

For all I know, hundreds. But it’s easier for the DeathMaster not to have to search two names. I remember the years there were two Raul Castros.

Also, it’s Ratzinger, not Razinger. In the post where I quoted, I deliberately spelled it as it had been listed.

Getting a placeholder in on the first page. Damn rappers were healthy this past year.
I’ve threatened this for a few years - Rappers who (could) die young.
Probably a lot of uniques. I’ll be back with real names.

Chief Keef
Waka Flocka Flame
ScHoolboy Q
Ty Dolla Sign
Tech N9ne
Young Thug
Pusha T
Riff Raff
Bobby Shmurda
Max B

Lil Twist

Good catch, thank you. Yes, Joseph Ratzinger, the Sarah Palin of Popes. Just in case Idle Thoughts really was confused. I don’t want to miss those sweet, sweet points should the Pope Emeritus decide that it’s time to inspect heaven first-hand.

Thank you, Idle Thoughts, for carrying on the tradition. Thank you, Baker, for having done so in the past.

I had to update my list (two deceased celebrities last year!).

Keith Richards
Jerry Lewis
Hillary Clinton
MaryKate Olsen
Lance Armstrong
Vladimir Putin
Hamid Karzai
Dick Cheney
Billy Graham
Bernie Madoff
Lindsey Lohan
Steve Bannon
Abu Bakr al Baghdadi

Bernard Cardinal Law
Pat Boone

Billy Graham is the evangelist

If in your second example, a fourth contestant had 43 points, what place would that one have? Fourth, I hope.

That’s the point. Your contestant is third.

Are we allowed to pick celebrities whose fame is significantly enhanced by the fact they are, in fact, known to be dying?

Would you be willing to put real money down on those being fake rapper names? :smiley: