Celebrity Death Pool 2017

Which raises the question, why not just order the players with points from greatest to least points, without any place ranking at all?

It’s not like we can’t figure it out for ourselves from there, by either system of assigning first, second, third, etc. place.

So long as they had some measure of celebrity before they were diagnosed, I don’t see why not.

Rule 3h says:

Obviously there’s some daylight between fame ‘solely as a result of’ v. ‘significantly enhanced by’ one’s illness. We’ve had picks disallowed by the DM in the past because their fame was judged by the DM to be pretty much entirely due to their illness, and others allowed (e.g. Joey Feek) whose fame was surely significantly enhanced by their imminent mortality.

But the key phrase in there is ‘by the DM’. It’s up to our DM to decide which side of the blurry line a particular pick is on.

Lead singer for the Tragically Hip. A Wikipedia page that describes a public life a bit more full than just “dying man.”

Not sure I understand your concern here.

David Ortiz
Mark Bellhorn
Orlando Cabrera
Bill Mueller
Manny Ramirez
Johnny Damon
Trot Nixon
Jason Varitek
Derek Lowe
Gabe Kapler
Pokey Reese
Keith Foulke
Terry Francona

Kevin Millar
Doug Mientkiewicz
Bronson Arroyo

I’ve never played before, but I call my list “The Babmbino Strikes Back”. These are all players who were involved with game 4 of the 2004 world series to help the Red Sox finally win and break the curse.

David Ortiz - Starting 1st baseman
Mark Bellhorn - Starting 2nd baseman
Orlando Cabrera - Starting short stop
Bill Mueller - Starting 3rd baseman
Manny Ramirez - Starting left fielder
Johnny Damon - Starting center fielder
Trot Nixon - Starting right fielder
Jason Varitek - Starting catcher
Derek Lowe - Starting pitcher
Gabe Kapler - Came in as pinch runner, replaced Trot Nixon in right field
Pokey Reese - Came in as pinch runner, replaced Mark Bellhorn at second base
Keith Foulke - Got the save
Terry Francona - Manager

Kevin Millar - Came in as pinch hitter for Derek Lowe
Doug Mientkiewicz - Replaced David Ortiz at first base
Bronson Arroyo - Came in as relief pitcher after Kevin Millar pinch hit

Personally I would have no problem saying the lead singer for Tragically Hip was a celebrity despite the fact that I couldn’t pick him out of a line up. Same with Joey Feek. I didn’t know who she was before she got sick but she put out something like 8 albums on a major label and had at least one Top 50 country song.

As a Yankee fan I hope you win :smiley:

I think Gord Downie’s name recognition wasn’t really enhanced by the cancer diagnosis. If you don’t already know who he is, you probably don’t care if he has cancer.

Also, jokes on you, people who picked Gord Downie: He’s never gonna die! Right Gordie baby? RIGHT??! NEVER LEAVE US sobs

Bashar al-Assad
Eddie Lampert(Sears/Kmart CEO)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Paul McCartney
Terry Gilliam
David Macaulay
Lady Gaga
Ben Carson
Donald Trump
Hugh Jackman
Tommy Chong
Vladimir Putin
Mike Tyson

Repeating my Beatles-themed list from last year, with the late George Martin replaced with Kanye West, who recently co-wrote/performed a song with Sir Paul, so technically he fits the category)

Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
Kanye West
Yoko Ono
Julian Lennon
Pete Best
Sean Lennon
Olivia Harrison
Dhani Harrison
Jane Asher
Patti Boyd Harrison
Zak Starkey
Stella McCartney


Jeff Lynne
Tom Petty
Bob Dylan

Can we please have an example of a Best Themed List?

Thank you.

I’m going green this year, in an effort to save out planet, I am recycling/reusing last years.
It is unused and in pristine condition.

The year the music dies…

Stevie Wonder
Randy Meisner
Smokey Robinson
Jim Steinman
Peter Yarrow
Keith Richards
Robert Plant
David Bellamy
Rod Stewart
Elton John
Glen Campbell
Gloria Gaynor
Pat Boone
Meat Loaf
Bill Anderson
Lionel Richie

“People whom I believe will die this year.”

“People who have never been in my kitchen.”

That is less likely to put you in the top ten…or hundred.

Would “People Who I Wished I would Have F*cked” qualify as a “Best Themed List”?

Well, yeah, but you will be in the top 300. Points is points.

So how do I formally define a “Themed List”?


I was actually planning to do away with place number anyway, so…you’re right.

Just a list with a theme, like these two:

  1. Jimmy Carter
  2. Jerry Lewis
  3. Billy Graham
  4. Burt Reynolds
  5. Mamie Van Doren
  6. Don Rickles
  7. Donald Trump
  8. Bill Clinton
  9. Stephen Hawking
  10. Courtney Love
  11. Yoko Ono
  12. Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka
  13. Adam West


  1. Phil Spector
  2. Hal Holbrook
  3. Donald Sutherland