Celebrity Deathpool 2001

Robert Downey Jr
Billy Bob Thornton - dies in a bizarre way, sex related with his wifes brother)
The pope (he is dead for weeks before they notice)
a Kennedy (ted I guess)
David Spade
Dennis Miller (SNL)
Kirk Douglas
Calista Flockhart (chokes on a bone)
Rosie O’Donell (shot with her own unregistered gun by a crack head whoes baby she bought)
The Pepsi girl (pop machine falls on her)

I gave the gift of life with my picks last year - don’t think a single one died. Let’s try again:

George W. Bush (some crazed liberal pissed from the election result, or some foreign terrorist, I’m thinking)

Adrian Fernandez (Indy car race driver)

Sterling Marlin (NASCAR race driver)

Don Knotts

Abe Vigoda (will sleep with the fishes)

Russell Johnson (The Professor from Gilligan’s Island)

Chuck Berry

**B.B. King **

**Mitch Miller **

Ronald Reagan

Gerald Ford (I’m predicting a bad year for Republicans)

Boris Yeltsin

Yasser Arafat

I think Reagan is my lone holdover from last year. I’m giving up on Rosa Parks, Strom Thurmond, Muhammad Ali and the Pope. I think they’re indestructible.

  1. George Clooney
  2. John Madden
  3. Barry Manilow
  4. Keith Richards
  5. Paul Newman
  6. Stephen King
  7. Drew Barrymore
  8. Karl Malone
  9. Johnny Depp
  10. Joan Kennedy
  11. Robert Downey Jr.
  12. Walter Cronkite
  13. Ronald Reagan

Ok OK Tony Danza… happy now?

  1. Dudley Moore
  2. Robert Downey Jr.
  3. John Lee Hooker
  4. Etta James
  5. Keely Smith
  6. Anita O’Day
  7. David Blaine
  8. B.B. King
  9. Les Paul
  10. Liza Minelli
  11. Kirk Douglas
  12. Elia Kazan
  13. Richard Pryor

Didn’t Kazan die recently?

Damn, Mitch Miller is still alive??

Here’s my picks:

1. Andy Griffith mmm…good cracker!
2. Dennis Hopper always a favourite
3. Gerald Ford struck by lightning on golf course
4. Farley Mowat relatively famous Canadian author
5. Briteny Spears longshot: nude skydiving accident
6. Robert Downey Jr.
7. Fiedel Castro hardest workin’ man in socialism
8. Eminem obligatory young rapper on list
9. Idi Amin and about time, too
10. Henry Kissenger
11. Boris Yeltsin kind of a gimmie, really
12. Augusto Pinochet
13. Tony Bennett

Yes. By the way, I left this off my previous post: :slight_smile:

Checked around–looks like he’s still with us.

Ted Kennedy
Paul Newman
Holly Johnson (the lead singer for Frankie Goes to Hollywood. . . you know “Relax”?)
BB King
Tommy Lee Jones (I can’t believe he and Gore are the same age; he looks awful)
Dick Cheney
Angela Lansbury
Douglas Coupland
Willie Nelson
Mary Lou Lord
John Cale
Etta James
David Lee Roth

As far as I’m concerned, I’ll except any thirteen picks made before year’s end. If you change them around, I’ll sort them out in January and if there’s any confusion, I’ll post a question to clear it up.

As for some of the picks made:

Hunter Kelly - As I posted on the F3MB, even I have my limits. Uh uh.

Prince Michael Jackson - See above. I’m arbitrarily added a new rule that no pick can be under sixteen.

aha - And here’s another new one. No regular posters on this board can be picked.

Tony Danza - Personally I always confuse him with Matt LeBlanc not Ted Danson, but I think we’re clear now.

Cecil Adams - Only if you produce a notarized death certificate.

Britney Spears - If she dies in a nude skydiving accident, I’m declaring the contest over and Rodd Hill becomes the instant winner. But only if I get a copy of the video.

The Queen Mother - Anyone who wants can pick her, but as has been noted she’s a hundred years old and won’t score any points. But if she dies in a nude skydiving accident, I’m declaring myself the instant winner.

So how did I acquire this god-like power over the rules of this game? Simple, I got here first.

No one under 16? Damn. I was going to swap one of my picks for Elian Gonzalez.

Anyway, strike Prince Michael Jackson and Cecil Adams.

I’m adding Fidel Castro and Katherine Hepburn.

ok, here are my picks

  1. Ronald Reagan (seems like a gimme)
  2. Norm McDonald
  3. Deion Sanders
  4. Rodney Dangerfield
  5. Hume Cronyn
  6. Boris Yeltsin
  7. Abe Vigoda (just so I don’t have to think “isn’t he dead?” every time I see him in another movie)
  8. Jackie Chan (stunt gone horrbly wrong)
  9. Kiichi Miyazawa (former Japan PM and current Finance Minister. Old as dirt and in a stressful job)
  10. Michael J. Fox
  11. McCauley Culkin
  12. Gallagher (more of a wish than a prediction)
  13. Dennis Leary (heart attack)


P.S. Astroboy14, how dare you kill off Hsu Chi and Akira Fubiki! Still, I have to agree with the means of their demise…

I noticed Johnny Cash on several lists. I read an interview a few days ago saying that his Parkinson’s diagnosis was basically in error, and that he’s in some of the best shape of his life. (I’m very happy about this.) He’s still a possibility, I suppose, but not as likely as one might have thought a year or so ago.

I’m abstaining, as a member of the medical profession. (No, I don’t know why it matters–it just sounds noble.) I might suggest another rule, though–if someone has an accident or gets a terminal diagnosis between now and 1/1/01, you can’t add him or her to your list afterwards.

Dr. J

Sublight, I wish NO HARM to either of these fine ladies!! But ya gotta admit, sheer sexiness is most likely going to cause either them or me to pass away! OK, it’s most likely to be me… due to heart attck caused by a GOOD dream starring the two of them, and of course, me! :):):):):):):):):):):):slight_smile:

1-Milton Berle
2-Joey Bishop
3-Victor Borge
4-Red Buttons
5-Art Carney
6-Olivia de Havilland
7-Jesse Helms
8-Katherine Hepburn
9-Shane McGowan
10-John Mills
11-Mickey Rooney
12-Billy Wilder
13-Ted Williams

On top of Parkinson’s, Johnny Cash also has cancer. I’m not sure which type, but it’s pretty bad. That’s why he made my list.

  1. Ronald Reagan
  2. Bob Hope
  3. Harry Secombe (of The Goon Show)
  4. Spike Milligan (ditto, although he’s a tough old duck)
  5. Robert Downey Jr.
  6. Pope John Paul II
  7. Johnny Carson
  8. Johnny Depp
  9. Kirk Douglas
    10)Dick York
    11)Ted Kennedy
    12)Dan Ackroyd (my SNL pick)
    13)General Pinochet

(Oh great, now I’ll feel guilty if any of the above actually die…)


“If I die, I forgive you; If I live, we shall see.”
– Spanish proverb

I love how everyone is betting with the SNL curse…

My picks:

  1. Calista Flockhart
  2. Joe Torre
  3. Dick Cheney
  4. Bob Dole
  5. Dr. Dre (the east coast MTV version)
  6. Louie Anderson
  7. Keith Richards
  8. Ted Turner
  9. Joe Perry (Aerosmith)
  10. Liz Smith
  11. Axl Rose
  12. Bob Pittman
  13. Christina Aguilera

Okay. I did squat last year. Gotta be better thsi time.

  1. Dick Gregory
  2. John Gotti(a given)
  3. Mike Wallace
  4. Ed McMahon
  5. Abe Vigoda
  6. Ace Frehley
  7. Lorne Michaels
  8. Jesse Camp
  9. Tammy Faye
    10.Gregg Allman
    11.Wayne Newton
    12.Tony Randall
    13.Bruce Willis