2022 US Senate Races

Wisconsin state legislative races will be something to watch in 2022. The anti-democracy side is 2 (of 17 up for election) senate seats and 6 (of 99) assembly seats short of a veto proof super-majority.

The Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature passed gerrymandered maps, which Evers vetoed. It looks like it’s now before the Wisconsin Supreme Court, whose conservative majority required parties to submit proposed maps that make the least changes to the existing maps necessary to account for population shifts.

I must be seeing things - the GOP trying to prop up an actual moderate / centrist / whatever-the-hell-you-call-them?

I mean - what’s this dystopic world coming to?

I was hoping that Hogan would run for president on the GOP ticket, but that will never happen.

This is just Mitch McConnel daydreaming. Hogan would have no chance – a deep blue state like Maryland may occasionally elect a moderate Republican governor, but voters tend to make a more partisan calculation when voting for Senator. I can’t see Hogan letting himself be used as essentially a diversionary tactic just to make Democrats spend at least some money on the race.

Doubtful, those to whom it matters would just think he’s “one of the good ones”; especially if Trump endorse him. :roll_eyes:

I’m now seeing local gossip that GOP leaders are urging Larry Hogan to run against Chris Van Hollen in the Maryland US Senate election this November (Hogan is term limited as governor).

This is a little concerning. Hogan has high approval ratings among Maryland Democrats (an approval I don’t share) but I’m hoping the liberal and educated electorate here will remember what they’re doing if they put another Republican in the Senate, never-Trumper or not.

Hogan has failed in previous Senate runs, iirc.

This Congressman is likely to be the Dem nominee, and I think he’s got a decent shot, but it’s gonna be tough for him in an Ohio midterm with a Dem in the White House. I certainly expect to vote for him: https://timforoh.com/

House, quite awhile ago, but not Senate: Larry Hogan - Wikipedia

@Guest-starring_Id posted an article about this four posts up. As I mentioned, while it’s not too uncommon for a deep red or blue state to elect a governor of the “wrong” party, it’s much less common for the state to subsequently elect them to Senate, particularly in the last decade or so. Examples in the last ten years of “wrong party” Governors losing Senate races include Linda Lingle in Hawaii, Phil Breseden in Tennessee and Steve Bullock in Montana.

The best counterexample is Joe Manchin, who was the incumbent governor of WV when he was elected to the Senate in 2010. But as in all things, Manchin is the exception to the rule. . .

Another candidate in the Keystone State: