20500 [zip code anywhere?]

If you mailed a stamped envelope in the US, and all it had written on it was 20500, where would it go?

Since I don’t see a game here, I’m going to move this to General Questions (and also edit the title to be a bit more descriptive)

20500 is the zip code for the White House. Which I guess means it would first go somewhere to be irradiated and would almost certainly not actually be opened within the actual White House.

It is the zip code for the White House, but I don’t know if it would be delivered there if that was literally the only thing written on the envelope.

Zip code 20500 is specifically for the White House. It was given its own zip code because they receive such a large volume of mail. Other government buildings, as well as some corporate HQs and universities, also have unique, single-address zip codes e.g. the Educational Testing Service.