20th Annual Super Bowl Early Picks Thread

Chargers 31, 49ers 27

49ers 23, Bills 20.*

*Given my track record, this prediction virtually assures that both teams will suffer early playoff upsets.

Eagles 30, Bengals 28

Ugh, forgot to post the tiebreakers again

The tiebreakers:

  1. Picked both teams, got winner correct
  2. Picked both teams, got winner wrong
  3. Picked winner correctly
  4. Picked loser correctly
  5. Closest to individual scores
  6. Closest to predicted margin of victory

Bills 24, Seahawks 17

Chiefs 33, 49ers 23

49ers 33, Bills 17

Vikings 21, Bills 20

One of these teams will have to win a SB one day.

I like the way the 49ers are looking in the NFC, and I think Kansas City will represent the AFC. If the Bills could have gotten home field advantage, I would have picked them.

Seahawks 26, Dolphins 17

(Yes, highly unlikely. Perhaps impossible. But I’ll look like a genius if it happens.)

My Giants got me my first two titles, time for them to get me my third!

Giants 26, Bills 23

(And thanks to all who have kept this game going!)

49ers 36, Bills 28

Hey! That’s my strategy. I flipped the last time the Bills beat the Chiefs.

Current list, let me know if I missed anyone:

AlsoNamedBort: Bills 28, Eagles 24
Saint_Cad: Seahawks 438, Bills 0
muldoonthief: Eagles 30, Bills 24
lel: Buccaneers 28, Bills 21
Railer13: Chiefs 31, Eagles 27
TroutMan: 49ers 30, Bills 24
dirtball: Eagles 27, Chiefs 21
Aramasama: Eagles 28, Bills 21
minlokwat: Chiefs 38, Cowboys 34
SuntanLotion: Chiefs 31, Vikings 13
LoneRhino: Giants 27, Chargers 19
dougrb: Chiefs 24, Bills 20
Airman_Doors_USAF: Bengals 27, 49ers 23
iiandyiiii: Bengals 28, Eagles 24
Velocity: Bills 52, Cowboys 17
hajario: Chargers 34, Buccaneers 28
Akaj: Bills 33, Cowboys 28
Moriarty: Bills 24, 49ers 17
borschevsky: Chargers 31, 49ers 27
Jackmannii: 49ers 23, Bills 20
Frosted_Glass: Bills 24, Seahawks 17
Telemark: Chiefs 33, 49ers 23
garygnu: 49ers 33, Bills 17
racer72: Vikings 21, Bills 20
Procrustus: Seahawks 26, Dolphins 17
Hal_Briston: Giants 26, Bills 23
Rebo: 49ers 36, Bills 28

Um, what?

Ha, didn’t even catch that. @dougrb , you’ve got two AFC teams.

You did, indeed, miss my brilliant and winning pick:

I note that four of us picked 49ers to win, and every one of the four picked the Bills as their opponent. I’d say the opportunity is there for someone to pick a different team to lose to the 49ers, except everyone knows it will be the Bills.

ISTR someone at ESPN (Berman?) making Niners-Bills their preseason Super Bowl pick every year in the 90s when both teams were very good. Never happened.

For several years, he probably was half-right.