18th Annual Super Bowl Early Picks Thread

Sorry for the delay folks, but it’s that time of year again! The playoff teams are set, so it’s time for our annual contest – can you predict the Super Bowl a month before the game and join our list of champions?:

Year 1: Trillionaire
Year 2: Uncommon Sense
Year 3: Airman Doors, USAF
Year 4: Grits and Hard Toast
Year 5: Hal Briston
Year 6: dalej42
Year 7: Justin_Bailey
Year 8: Hamlet
Year 9: Hal Briston
Year 10: AlsoNamedBort
Year 11: Jahiegel
Year 12: borschevsky
Year 13: Oakminster
Year 14: borschevsky
Year 15: phungi
Year 16: ElvisL1ves
Year 17: muldoonthief

It’s simple to play – just post your pick for the two Super Bowl teams, and the final score. Deadline for submissions will be 1:00 pm Eastern on Saturday, January 9th (just before kickoff of the first playoff game).

My Prediction:
Bears 27, Bills 24

(I am not going to win but I can’t predict against my Bears)

PLEASE NOTE: It’s not an absolute requirement, but it’s very helpful to me if you format your pick the same way I did above – “Winning team name and score, losing team name and score”, on its own line. No locations, just the name. Feel free to add any other commentary on a separate line. Thanks!

As always, just in case you don’t follow football but still wanna play along, just pick an AFC team, an NFC team, and a couple of numbers that sound vaguely football-scorish.

AFC Teams:
Chiefs, Bills, Steelers, Titans, Ravens, Browns, Colts

NFC Teams:
Packers, Saints, Seahawks, Football Team, Buccaneers, Rams, Bears

Football Team 20, Steelers 17

In my dreams.

I’d love to be a homer and call for Seattle to win but I’ll go with my gut and say Buffalo 40, Green Bay 24.

Every year I vote my heart. (I don’t expect to win)

Seahawks 28
Chiefs 24

Bills 34, Saints 27

I’m not going to offer a prediction, but I hope like hell Football Team is in the Super Bowl just for the lulz of their name. Even better if they can win it.

All I can think of when I see that name is the “generics” craze from the late 1970s grocery biz:

Their team logo totally ought to be a UPC symbol.

Packers 33, Bills 23.

Unlikely, but I’d like to see Rodgers get one more before he rides into the sunset.

Buccaneers 34, Chiefs 30

If I can’t pick the Pats I can still pick Brady.

Chiefs 38, Packers 28

I don’t want to do it, but I’m going to do it.

Bills 34, Packers 20

Bills 31, Buccaneers 21

Saints 30 Chiefs 27

Packers 31 Chiefs 30

My Prediction:
Cheifs 27, Packers 24

This year has been weird but I don’t see anyone but the cheifs winning I’ve got no idea who they’ll play and the cheifs haven’t been good the last couple of weeks so I think the score is a crap shoot too.

Looks like somebody needs to fix his spell-checker. :wink:

Then again, Kansas (and Missouri) have long had issues with edumacation. So maybe “Cheifs” is how the locals spell it.

Could be worse… :smiley:
1997 - Commercial - Snickers (Who are the Chefs) - YouTube

My pick:
Saints 34, Chiefs 27

Football Team 31 Chiefs 10

Hell why not? If I’m right, I’ll be the only one with this pick.

Browns 31, Packers 28

Buccaneers 34, Steelers 28

Chiefs 33, Saints 26