17th Annual Super Bowl Early Picks Thread

How would that work, though? Suppose I’d picked “Seahawks 20 Patriots 17” and the actual Super Bowl Score is “Titans 20 Eagles 17”; does that mean I have the score correct? I picked the Seahawks to get 20, not the Titans. Would “Titans 17 Eagles 20” be more correct because I predicted the NFC team to get 20?

It is kind of academic this year, but I think getting the exact score would be enough, if no one else did, conferences notwithstanding, if no one else had that score. Otherwise, we would be arguing into March about what tiebreaker to use. Or the host would just make some sort of ruling. Or call it a tie, if there was no other way to go.

Yeah, and it hasn’t been an issue in the previous 15 years, either. It probably won’t happen.

But I also find it interesting to wonder what would happen if it did. People create sporting tournaments and try to account for every possible scenario in advance. But sometimes they miss stuff.

I already made a ruling two years ago:

Seriously though, I say if you match the final score, you win. If multiple people do, first post wins.

Thanks to the Chiefs and 49ers for making this simple.

Our four finalists:
LoneRhino: 49ers 24, Chiefs 17
Railer13: Chiefs 30, 49ers 24
muldoonthief: Chiefs 31, 49ers 24
Happy Lendervedder: Chiefs 34, 49ers 17

Apologies to Railer13 for picking a score 1 point away from his. In my defense, I make it a point not to read other people’s picks before I make my own.

Congratulations to Lonerinho on his victory this year.

If the Chiefs were by some weird fold in spacetime to actually manage to win, you are in the worst possible position to win this game.

The Chiefs are favored by 1. Frankly I thought my 49ers would be favored, and heavily so.

I don’t think it will be boring. I think it will be a high scoring nail biter.

Its a close call, they are both good, and fighters. Praying for a Chiefs win.

He’s not in that bad of a position. The tiebreak is number of points the prediction was off from winning team score plus the number of points off from the losing team score. If the Chiefs win and score more than 31 points and it’s a particularly close game, he’ll win.

Apology accepted. As noted, you’re not in bad shape. I, however, am, unless it’s a lower-scoring game than I think it will be.

But I will be thrilled if any one of us three win, because that will mean a Chiefs victory!

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a close game for muldoonthief to win the contest. According to my calculations, if the Chiefs win and score at least 31 points, and the Niners score at least 23, he will win.

For instance, assume the final score is Chiefs 34, Niners 23. Muldoon’s ‘off by’ score would be 4 (34-31 plus 24-23). Happy’s ‘off by’ score would be 6 (34-34 plus 23-17). Any additional scoring by the Niners will only solidify muldoon’s lead; any additional scoring by the Chiefs would not affect the result.

Thank you for the premature congrats. However, as Yogi Berra once said, " It ain’t over till the fat lady takes a knee with the clock running out."

You gotta admit, it’d be cool if they did because of the 50 year drought.

Hey, I am the anti-jinx!

Congrats to the Chiefs!

As I posted to FB — Many have been the years of futility for KC Chiefs fans and their organization!

The list of KC QBs who did not take their Chiefs to the AFC Championship game include (not a complete list): beginning with Steve Fuller in 1979, and then also Bill Kenney, Todd Blackledge, Steve DeBerg, Dave Krieg, Steve Bono, Rich Gannon, Trent Green, Alex Smith, and Nick Foles.

Only Joe Montana in 1993* took them there. They lost to the Buffalo Bills.

Congratulations on your win last night!

  • — yes, Mahomes in 2018 when they lost to the Patriots and 2019 when they… we know how that ends!

Congrats to muldoonthief on an extremely close win and getting the winning score exact!

1st place: muldoonthief (off by 4)
2nd place: Railer13 (off by 5)
3rd place: Happy Lendervedder (off by 6)

My congratulations to the Chiefs & especially Andy Reid, and my sincere thanks to Damien Williams.